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The Cellar Of Doom

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Ellie Birch 10M1 Alesha let out a long, heavy sigh. She couldn't believe she was stuck in an old hotel in Lincoln, Maine, USA. It was the Summer Holidays and she had come to America with her mum, dad, and her annoying younger brothers Ashley and Scott, who were six and seven. Scott and Ashley weren't the quiet sort of kids. They tended to excited over anything, and were always hyper. The Miller family were staying at The Stars And Stripes Hotel, which was really old and boring. Alesha would much rather be back at home in England, even it was raining all the time there. Alesha had only been there for two days, and had already taken advantage of the 'fantastic facilities'. There was the 'amazing' pool and spa, the 'fabulous' arcade and the 'wonderful' multi - sports court. Alesha couldn't see what was so fantastic about a dirty pool, an out-of-order spa, two fruit machines and a large pitch of mud with a few goalposts. It was going to be a very long and boring two weeks. She had been out 'exploring' the creepy, old hotel trying to find some kids around her age. Alesha was 14, so it was quite easy really, as there were loads of fed up teenagers staying at the old place. "Alesha, we're going out!" her mum called. "Cool, lets go to Detroit, or Hollywood, or...." "No, I mean me and your father are going for a meal. We're going to find a place to eat. OK?" ...read more.


Maybe it was next door or something. She was getting quite scared now. She realised that it was 6:30 pm, and that her parents had been gone for an hour. She couldn't bear to be alone now, so she called to her brothers. She turned the TV off. "Oi, come 'ere, now!" she called out, agitated. When they didn't answer, she went to investigate. She realised that they were asleep in their beds. 'Typical. Asleep at 6:30! Lazybones!' she thought. 'Well, they must be quite tired after the football this morning.' Then there was a knock at the door. Thinking it was her parents, Alesha hastily opened it. "Hi!" said a voice. She saw it was her new friends that she had met in the pool yesterday. "Hi Marshall, hi Justin, hi Mel!" Alesha cried. Marshall was from Detroit, Justin was from California and Mel was from England. They were bored too. "Wanna come out with us? We are sooooo bored, and we're jus' wondering whether you wanna come and jus' like wander around here." Justin said. "I can't, I gotta look after my brothers." She replied. "Go on!" Mel pleaded. "Well, only quickly. Scott and Ash are asleep anyway." Alesha stepped out with her friends, and realised that she had about two hours before her parents got back. "So where we goin'?" Alesha asked. "Dunno!" Mel replied. They walked around, and found a set of stairs leading downwards. Alesha had forgotten about the TV incident, because she was happy that she wasn't alone anymore. ...read more.


Every year they came to Maine, to The Stars And Stripes Hotel, and he kept dropping hints about death and that he would kill her once they were in Maine. Because they were from California, he thought that he wouldn't be caught because of the distance. She had no escape. So she invested in a mini camera so that he could be caught. Ann cleverly connected the camera to a TV, which happened to be in Alesha's room. Since the hotel had been closed for the last three years due to health and safety reasons (Alesha wondered what it was like before the inspections), nobody would have noticed. Then Ann's fianc� (later named as Daniel Durst) beat her to death and sealed up her body up in the fireplace. Because the camera was a mini one, Daniel didn't notice it. Ann was removed from the Missing Persons list, and because Daniel's face was seen on the camera, the police caught him, and gave him a life imprisonment. The kids were given medals because they were quite brave. Alesha wasn't sure, but she had a funny feeling the banging noise was the ghost of Ann McKenzie, trying to get the attention of holiday - makers, so that everything would be discovered, and her fianc� would be put to justice. After Alesha's holiday had finished, she kept in touch with the other kids. Maybe the holiday wasn't so bad after all! 1,905 words ...read more.

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