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The Challenge

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The Challenge As the speaker announced that the first men's one hundred meters Olympic heat, my event, would commence in five minutes, I thought back to five years ago when I was fifteen and I first got into swimming. My instructor, Jim Read, was possibly the meanest person I have ever met in my life. I practised three times every week, and every week Jim would tell me that I would not amount to anything. When I shared my dream of winning Olympic Gold, he just laughed and said, "you will never be good enough to be in the team, let alone win a medal." I despised that man. I wish he was here today, I am not only in the British National Team, I am at the Olympics and I have a chance of forfiling my dream, and showing him and the rest of the world I have what it takes to win a Gold Medal. Competing with me in the first heat was the reigning champion James Mackintosh, a record breaking American who I have a lot of respect for. ...read more.


About five seconds later the score came up on the board, I had set a new Olympic record. After that race I went from an unknown British Swimmer to one of Britain's biggest stars destined for a medal. I was interviewed by about ten different television channels. I became famous over night. Television channels were also eager to interview Mackintosh for his thoughts of me and what he thought about coming second. He said he thought I was an excellent athlete, but beating him was just a fluke, he also said I did not have a hope of a medal this year. I just replied "wait and see!" I then went to shake his hand but he turned and walked away. The rest of that day was mainly celebrating and having a good time. The next morning however was very different. My trainer woke me up at the crack of dawn for training, he just kept repeating that I had done well in the heat but I was not to let myself go now. ...read more.


Over and over again. Then my trainer knocked on my door and shouted, "Its show time!" Entering the stadium I saw Mackintosh, I tried to wish him good luck but he did not reply, this worried me. I thought the other swimmers were all against me but I was soon reassured when I entered the locker room and the other swimmers wished me good luck. "Its time for the race." A voice shouted from the locker room door. We all made our way out one by one to our lanes. I was lane three, Mackintosh was lane four. We had to wait about five seconds for the starting pistol, but that five seconds felt like five hours, and then it fired. I have no clear recollection's of the race its self, but I remember finishing and not knowing who had won. We were all watching the score boards they announced first and second place would be decided by a photo finish. A few seconds went by, then up on the score board came 'Second place: J. Mackintosh'. I had won. I was the Olympic Champion. Andrew Pujol 10c English ...read more.

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