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The changing character of Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Juliet matures during the course of the play. When she falls in love with Romeo she faces many obstacles that stand in the way of their happiness, such as the two families being enemies, the proposed marriage to Paris, and Tybalts death. She feels lonely and is let down and rejected by the nurse and her parents. Considering all these obstacles, she is still brave, strong and confident. She is also very loyal towards Romeo. When Juliet first meets Romeo she is confident and speaks to him as an equal. She does not get shy and giggle like you would expect a girl of that day and age to do. On their first meeting they talk about kissing and she is aware that he is going to kiss her, but yet she does not stop him from doing so, she just goes along with it 'then have my lips the sin that they have took'. She speaks to him in a mature manner. When she discovers that he is a Montague 'the only son of your great enemy', as she is told by the nurse, she is shocked and says 'too ...read more.


She thinks that Romeo is dead 'hath Romeo slain himself?' she says. Juliet's approach to the matter at hand clearly shows that she was confident enough to be able to take upon any consequences concerning Romeo which she believed to be possible. However on the odd occasion when faced with issues Juliet was unable to handle them successfully such as 'o break, my heart, poor bankrupt, break at once'. When Juliet's mother comes in and sees Juliet crying, she assumes that she is crying for her cousin Tybalt who has just died but she is crying for Romeo. Her mother says to her 'evermore weeping for your cousin's death?' Lady Capulet tries to explain to her that crying over it will not help 'what, wilt thou wash him from his grave with tears?' but Juliet tells her mum to just let her cry 'yet let me weep for such a feeling loss' this shows that although Juliet knows that her crying wont help she still feels the need of expressing her feelings buy crying. Juliet appears to agree with her mothers opinions about Romeo, but uses words that can also mean that she is in ...read more.


The way she responds to him shows that she is independent and knows what she wants. When Juliet goes to visit F.Lawrence she asks him for help as he is her only hope left. It was very brave of Juliet to take the potion that he gives her even though she knows all the consequences of what the potion can do, this shows how loyal she is to Romeo, she is willing to put her life at risk for him. Before Juliet takes the potion to talks to herself. She speaks of how she feels 'I have a faint cold fear thrills through my veins'. She says 'my dismal scene I needs must act alone.' This shows that she is willing to be by herself and not seek any comfort from anyone this also shows how brave she is being. Juliet starts to have some doubts about the whole situation such as perhaps it wont work, may be it really is a potion because the Friar wants her dead to save his reputation and also the thought of her lying amongst her dead ancestors and seeing their ghosts. Considering all these doubts Juliet still had the courage and ability to pull her self together and convince herself to take the potion. Nafisah 11R ...read more.

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