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The Chaos Theory

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The Chaos Theory In a perfect, little, friendly neighborhood, everyone was out playing and laughing on a warm Saturday afternoon. Birds were chirping happily and nothing could possibly go wrong. The trees were as green as grass, the streets untouched, no litter, very clean and best of all, an excellent community. Betty the outgoing local shop owner, was happily selling sweets and chocolate to kids, and even helping an old lady into the store. But something wasn't right. Behind her came a broad and very aggressive man who pushed Betty and the old lady out of the way to get in. "What do you think your doing!?" ...read more.


As she handed him the bag he fled quickly, almost breaking the door as he stormed out. The old lady looked pale and was standing very still. She was trembling and seemed very frail. Suddenly she collapsed, taking the Pringles stand with her. "Call 999!" Betty screamed at the mother, still holding her confused son. The mother ran to the phone and son the ambulance was on her way. Betty checked the old lady's pulse but she had no heartbeat. Finally, the ambulance arrived and tried to resuscitate her. They tried for what seemed like hours but she was not coming back. "I'm very sorry, she's had a heart attack and we could do nothing to bring her back," the tall paramedic exclaimed. ...read more.


"Why did you have to go?" he sobbed. "You were all I ever had," He then grasped a knife out of his pocket and plunged it into his chest, falling right onto the ground, bleeding everywhere. He lay unconscious, but with his mother, on his way to the better place. As news spread of his death, everyone was confused and in disbelief. It seems that he had a gang leader on his back after not paying back drugs money he had borrowed form him. This came about when the leader foolishly went to police over the lost money and cases bumped into each other. He was arrested along with his gang and sent to prison, saving hundreds of others from suffering and getting caught up in the wrong crowd. ...read more.

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