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The character Romeo is madly in love with Rosaline at the beginning of the play, but Rosaline has vowed never to marry so Romeo is love sick. His Parents (Lord and Lady Montague) are worried about him so they

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Romeo And Juliet By Erin Brennan William Shakespears Romeo and Juliet is set about two star-crossed-lovers called Romeo and Juliet. They come from two rivaling families. Romeo's character is from a family called the Montagues and Juliet's character if from the Capulets, William Shakespear makes the families very alike in dignity. The families live in a city called Verona in Italy, they have held a grudge against each other for many many years, so long back that no one can remember the cause. There was peace between them both, but recently the fighting started again. Prince Escalus arrives during one of the families fights, he is sick and tired of all the fighting in the streets so he says "If ever you disturb our streets again, your lives shall pay the forfeit of peace." The character Romeo is madly in love with Rosaline at the beginning of the play, but Rosaline has vowed never to marry so Romeo is love sick. His Parents (Lord and Lady Montague) are worried about him so they talk to his best friends Benvolio and Mercutio. The character Benvolio is the peace maker of the three and Mercutio is the lively one who always wants a fight. So when the servant shows them a list of the Capulets party guests, they notice Rosaline's name is on, they want to go so they can ...read more.


she doth teach the tourchs to burn so bright" this is indicating that even though the room is full of beautiful women Juliet is the most radient person there, he also forgets about Rosaline because she says "for I ne'er saw true beauty this night." Also Shakespear is using the use of simile's in Romeo's use of language like "as a dove in a Ethiops ear." William Shakespear makes Romeo and Juliet first meet they know its love at first sight, William Shakespear makes Romeo's character very eager to kiss Juliet but Shakespear makes Juliet reluctant to kiss him at first. Shakespear makes this part of the scene very romantic and religious "This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this my lips" when Romeo says "This holy Shrine" he is on about Juliet. The speech is set up as a sonnet, so it is very poetical and romantic. Juliet is very lively by now and humouress, she is also teasing Romeo by saying "Ay, pilgrim lips that they must use in prayer" so by now Romeo is very passionate and anxious to give her a kiss Romeo doesn't care they Juliet is teasing him he is just very keen to get a kiss from Juliet, when Romeo kisses Juliet, Juliet says "Then have my lips the sin they have took" saying Romeo has passed on a sin, Romeo replies with "sin from my lips? ...read more.


The irony is, of course, Romeo who was reluctant to go to the party, there he meets the love of his life, his suffering comes with the knowledge that she is a Capulet. He thought he loved Rosaline but compared to his love for Juliet it was nothing, this is a genuine love, Shakespears use of language involves religious imagery show us that this love is out-of-the-ordinary and is very special. Although much of this scene concerns love, hatred is also introduced, that Tybalt is full of hate for the Montagues and is disgusted that Romeo dare show his face. He is also angry that Lord Capulet (his uncle) doesn't even mind Romeo's presence and he thinks that he is a nice person. Tybalt wont shut up about it so he ends up leaving but he swears he will get revenge on Romeo, his desire fir revenge leads directly to the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt himself and the banishment of Romeo from Verona. Act 1 Scene V also shows you the fate of Romeo and Juliet who are destined to be together and Juliet even predicts her own death when she says "my grave is like my wedding bed" and also there are lots of hints about what is going to happen (their own death) and all the tragedy yet to come. ...read more.

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