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The characterisation and Role Of Lady Macbeth.

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Coursework- "The characterisation and Role Of Lady Macbeth." Lady Macbeth is Macbeth's wife so therefore she instantaneously has a major role in the play. She is almost certainly the second largest character in the play. She began the play being a good wife and good person, as she was always so anxious for the letter to come from her husband when they couldn't see each other if Macbeth was at war. One day, a letter came from her husband telling her that three witches predicted that he would be King, and this would therefore make her the Queen. Macbeth respected Lady Macbeth, as an equal in the beginning of the play as she was the first person told that the King was going to stay at their castle. She was thought to be an equal but could have been seen as the more dominating of the two as she was portrayed as a more ambitious, striving, and motivated person in life than Macbeth was. This is also thought by Bradley who says, "In the opening Act at least, Lady Macbeth is the most authoritative and conceivably the most awe-inspiring figure that Shakespeare drew." ...read more.


it is really, because she was scared, because of this she has to persuade Macbeth to murder the king Her main part in the play is to make her husband kill the king. After a few times of telling him to do it she gets annoyed and starts to become more bossy and domineering. You can see this in the play as when Macbeth asks simple questions about the king, such, as, if he asks for him she gets angry and says, "You know he does." This shows that at this she is domineering one out of them. You could also interpret this line as her being well informed, as she knows what is happening. After Macbeth has murdered the king, Lady Macbeth tries to stay calm and tries not to worry. She tries to comfort Macbeth and make him feel like it was nothing. She acted in a nervy way and thought of what to do quickly under pressure. She told Macbeth to wash his hands and go to bed. She said this so if the body of the dead King were found, they would not be accused, as they would have an alibi. ...read more.


Lady Macbeth was going to kill the king in the beginning until she said that the King looked like her father, I think that this shows that she was too scared to do it and therefore is a hypocrite, as she says that he is "infirm of purpose," but she didn't do it either! In the play the main roles switch near the end as Macbeth realises that he did the deed and that he was King. This made him stop listening to her in the same way, as before, he now didn't need to listen to her, as he was the more powerful. Lady Macbeth's character goes from being a domineering person who then goes to calling her husband a higher rank like "my worthy lord." Her declining influence in the play continues on until in the end when she commits suicide. She becomes a patient, as she could not handle the killing of the King, even though Macbeth was the first to show symptoms of remorse as he could not sleep and it is shown as he says, "sleep is murdered." Macbeth starts to refer to her as a patient instead of his wife. So from being an equal to her husband she became lesser. She was even kept out of the play for two scenes to emphasise this. ...read more.

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