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The Characterization of Estella in Great Expectations.

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The Characterization of Estella in Great Expectations The first time Estella appears in the novel, she is behind a gate door. She opens a window in the gate door and her voice is heard. Like a siren, all that is noted about Estella in this first scene is that she has a clear voice, very pretty and very proud. In fact that is all Dickens' presents Estella as for the first couple of encounters, a proud haughty young woman that is beyond Pip's reach as a commoner. That's what Estella begins to be characterized as: unreachable. The very name that Dickens' gives her is unreachable, as Estella is akin to the word star. By this name, Estella is characterized as mysterious, unreachable, beautiful and erratic. Estella, although carrying a conversation with Pip of small talk, never introduces herself. ...read more.


Her leading Pip to Miss Havisham and his new life, is reminiscent of the star of David leading the shepherds to the messiah and a new life. In this respect, Estella also begins to be perceived as the means to which Pip's life changes. She is the catalyst that inspires Pip to change and his inspiration. Estella frequently arises in Pip's mind in moments of insecurity, as his inspiration to change, but in this she also begins to represents all of Pip's insecurities and all that he cannot achieve, become or have. Estella begins to represent the other world of a higher social class. Her appearances in the novel are rare and shining due to the effect these events have on Pip. Similar to the twinkling of a star, Estella appears time and time again throughout stages in Pip's life. ...read more.


When he answers that she is pretty, she hits him and then asks the question again. This time Pip says nothing. This further strengthens the opinion that Estella is an evil woman, but also shows that she has been trained to behave in this manner because she asked again as if to punish him more for whatever answer he chooses. Once again they play cards, after which Pip is once again allowed leave to walk the grounds. Upon doing so Pip encounters a young gentleman who challenges him to a fight. Pip wins the fight, and later on Estella rewards Pip by allowing him to kiss her. This characterizes Estella as one who always associates with the winner. However in allowing Pip to kiss her, Estella puzzles the reader. This underlines the ambiguity of Estella's character. Estella is characterized by the reactions of Pip, as he is the narrator. Bluntly Estella's character is developed by Dickens' through the development of Pip in regards to his view of Estella. ...read more.

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