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The Characters in this play are:

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English: Year 10 GCSE Coursework Romeo and Juliet By William Shakespeare The play Romeo and Juliet was written by William Shakespeare in 1595 and despite being more than 400 years old it is still popular today. In Shakespeare's time (Elizabethan England) the theatre was a very popular form of entertainment and there was a lot of competition between theatre companies to produce exciting new plays. Most plays contained an element of humour and melodrama in order to cater for all tastes. Romeo and Juliet is primarily a tragedy but there are some "comic" scenes and the over-the-top language and actions are often melodramatic rather than realistic. In this essay I will be writing about the themes used in this play the characters, the plot, arranged marriages etc... The setting takes place in a town called Verona. The Characters in this play are: Romeo- a Montague. He is a young man that has fallen in love with Juliet and proceeds to marry her. In order to marry her they both end up losing their lives. Juliet- a Capulet. She is young and fallen in love with Romeo. Believes marriage should be for love. To marry Romeo she fakes her death. Lord Capulet- Juliet's father. He is Strict, Harsh, not understanding. Wants her to marry Paris. Lady Capulet- Juliet's mother. Who wants her to marry Paris for her own good. Lord Montague- Romeo's Father. He is Stubborn and not willing to forgive. Lady Montague- Romeo's mother. ...read more.


Lady Capulet tells Juliet about Capulet's plan for getting her married to Paris on Thursday, explaining that he wishes to marry her happy. Juliet is appalled. She rejects the match, saying "I will not marry yet; and when I do, I swear/ it shall be Romeo-whom you know I hate-/ rather than Paris." Capulet enters the chamber. He sees that Juliet is refusing to obey him. After Capulet and Lady Capulet storm away. Juliet asks her Nurse how she might be able to escape her dilemma. The Nurse advices her to go through with the marriage to Paris as he is a better match, she says, Romeo is as good as dead anyhow. Juliet pretends to agree, and tells the Nurse that she is going to make confessions at Frair Lawrence's. Juliet hurries to Frair. If the Frair is unable to help her, Juliet comments to herself, she still has the power to take her own life. Arranged Marriages In Romeo and Juliet marriages were different, as they had arranged marriages. Juliet had her marriage arranged when she was around 14years old. Although she had her marriage arranged for her, no one knew that she was secretly also married to Romeo who was around 15years old, as you can see they were only teenagers. Today many people don't get married that young they get married over 18years of age. People still have marriages arranged for them around the world in different cultures. Capulets view on this arranged marriage is that, he does not care about Juliet's feeling's as he clearly states that "because ...read more.


She goes to Juliet in the early hours in the morning to tell her that she will be getting married to Paris on Thursday, explaining that she wishes to make her happy. Lady Capulet has no choice; she has to get Juliet married to Paris in order for her to forget about Romeo. My point of view on Lady Capulet is that if she had the choice she would let Juliet get married to Romeo, but to be with Capulet she has to trust and obey him. I think that the play Romeo and Juliet is a great play it tells people that you can not choose who you fall in love with, and that other people especially family and friends shouldn't go against your will and should support you. If you have an enemy (like how the Montagues and Capulets were) you shouldn't drag your family, friends, and the village into it and should try to solve the differences and the problems that you have. Romeo and Juliet is a romantic play and that fate made them meet and end their lives together. Juliet's parents don't wish to listen to what she has to say, so she has the power to take her own life. Romeo decides to take his life because he wished to stay with Juliet and no one else. If Juliet had listened to her parents and got married to Paris there would have been no death. They play makes you think why anyone doesn't listen to anyone's thoughts, and why actions are made before thinking and then later regretting. ...read more.

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