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The Characters of Jaggers and Orlick in "Great Expectations".

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Jaggers is Pip?s guardian , Miss Havisham?s lawyer . Jaggers? role is central to the plot , it is he who brings Pip the news of his expectations and manages Pip?s life , he is the only person who knows the true source of those expectations , he is the only person who knows Estella?s true parentage , he proves to have been an agent in events years before the action of the novel begins and thus to have played a central part in creating the situation that gradually unfolds through the action of the novel. ...read more.


of his own home , he has a more human side, suggested by his rescue of Estella and his defence of her mother , he is a skilful if unscrupulous lawyer, central to the novel?s concern with the machinery of the law, crime and punishment. Orlick was one of Joe?s blacksmith labourers who is stupid but very jealous of others and hurts them simply for his own pleasure.Orlick appears in the novel very infrequently, but he plays an important and sometimes unexpected role in the plot , he appears early on as a worker in the forge , dissatisfied with his treatment and resentful of what he ...read more.


Orlick?s significance in the novel , he resents Pip?s acquisition of money and expectations and is without the beneficial effect of Joe as a stepfather , Mrs. Joe treats him harshly and he takes his revenge on her, and Pip?s guilt when the attack takes place could be seen as suggesting that the attack is what Pip himself, at some deep level, would have liked to inflict on his sister , he lacks the guidance that Pip receives from Joe, and is perhaps a portrayal of what Pip might have been like without Joe , his anger and resentment towards Pip at the end of the novel is the most violent and outspoken expression of how far Pip has moved from his origins . ...read more.

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