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The Charge of The Light Brigade

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The Charge of the Light Brigade In the second stanza the officer orders the Light Brigade to start moving forward and attacking, the order is "Forward, the Light Brigade!" This begins to show the loyalty and courage of the soldiers as they realise that some had blundered. "Was there a man dimay'd? Not tho' the soldier knew Someone had blunder'd" The author excites the pathos in the stanza by using this. This is because the reader realises that someone has blundered and feels sorry for the soldiers, as they can't do anything about it. Tennyson clarifies that they are power less by saying. "Their's not to make reply, Their's not to reason why, Their's but to do or die." ...read more.


In the both the third and the fifth stanza Tennyson creates a different view and a quicker more exciting atmosphere via the use of some of the words used and the amount of words used per line. Tennyson introduces the fighting at the start of the third stanza and uses repetition again to enhance the danger the soldiers are in. The repetition is: "Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to the left of them, Cannon in front of them." Also Tennyson uses personification to make the situation come across much more dangerous to the reader, he says "Jaws of death" this makes the situation seem much more dangerous as it is saying they are riding to there death which enhances the pathos in the stanza. ...read more.


In stanza Four Tennyson introduces the Light Brigade's attack of the guns. Tennyson enhances the idea that the soldiers are heroes and that they a courageous and glorious. He does this by repeating certain words. He says: "Flash'd all their sabres bare, Flash'd as they turned in the air" Tennyson uses the word Flash'd this is because it makes the soldiers seam important, this is because flash'd means shiny or bright and if metal in this case is shiny it comes across as expensive and important. Therefore by saying this Tennyson increases the glory of the soldiers as they seam more important. Also the word flash'd is an onomatopoeia as it imitates the sound it is describing. Luke Garner 10Pd English Mr Dorefeyev ...read more.

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