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The Charles Hamilton story - creative writing.

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Chapter 1 Joy Ferguson 11B Charles Hamilton sat in his office chair gazing out his office chair window. A dull blanket of grey covered the sky. He looked out at all the different people scurrying like mice to get to work in time for 9am. His eyes no longer sparkled, his blonde locks no longer shined. Charles himself had never been home the previous night. His fianc�e had been calling him but he ignored the buzzing sound that had been giving him a headache for the last twelve hours. It was four weeks before the wedding to the woman he didn't even love. Charles walked out of his office, head high in the air. He couldn't let his colleagues see he was upset. He reached the coffee machine. He poured himself a large cup. He was wondering what to tell his fianc�e, when he dropped his cup. The coffee went everywhere. ...read more.


Each day for the next week Laura came at exactly 2.30 to clean his windows. Often she would come in and talk to him for a while. Over time Charles found himself looking forward to Laura's visits. As Charles didn't feel like working he left his old musty office and go for a walk, not that the rest of the building was much better. He was wandering down the corridor he could hear muffled laughter and the hissing noise of kettles boiling. The cleaners are on a break he thought to himself. He walked past their cleaning store, he heard his name being mentioned, it was Laura she was talking about him. "Laura Hamilton, how does it sound ladies?" she said jokingly. Laura looked up from her cup of tea and saw Charles at the door and she came out quickly. "I suppose you heard what I was saying" Charles didn't have a clue what she was talking about but he couldn't get a word in edgeways. ...read more.


The only thing that kept him coming into work was the thought of seeing Laura at 2.30. The next morning Charles passed Laura in the corridor. He thought to himself I've got nothing to lose. "Hello Laura, what are you doing after work?" Laura stared at him for a moment she couldn't believe what she was hearing. Before she had a chance to say yes or no, Charles was half way down the corridor again Half past two came and when there was no sign of Laura. Charles thought, I've made such a fool of myself. He sulked in his office waiting for 5.30 to come. He wandered drearily out of the office staring at the ground into the cold car park on the dark gloomy night. He approached his car and looked up to see someone propped up against it. The night no longer seemed cold or dreary. Laura didn't look like a cleaner anymore. She had her shiny blonde hair neatly tied up. She was wearing a smart black suit. Just as you would imagine the boss's girlfriend to look like. ...read more.

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