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The Chase. The crack of a twig was all the warning.

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´╗┐Shanil Mehta Yr 10 Foremarke The Chase A glance at the sky told me that rain was not something the heavens were going to bless us with. The white hot sun had taken its toll on my body and I felt weak as my feet were burned by the sun baked, cracked ground. My family and I stood under the big, shaded area of a single, mammoth sized baobab tree. There was nothing in sight except for the tall, amber gold savannah grass and the various animals scattered over the landscape. My family had recently moved to Kenya in search of water as our previous home had been experiencing droughts. ...read more.


The much older predator had to slow down considerably, giving me a few seconds to get further away. However, in seconds he was back on my tail, his eyes filled with anger and malice. I flew over the ground, all the while thinking about my chaser, stalking my every move. Then, finally, luck turned to favour me. The pursuer, so intent on killing me, tripped over his own legs, tumbling to the ground. Digging deep, I discovered strength I had unconsciously kept in reserve and pushed myself forward, putting as much distance between him and me as was possible. Suddenly, as if it had popped out of the ground, I saw a tree. ...read more.


I could hear them shouting something but I wasn?t really listening as it was probably questions like ?Are you alright?? and ?Are you hurt?? Then my instincts started going into overdrive and I realized too late that I had been deceived by my pursuer. He had expected, and rightly so, that I would walk back to my family after going on the high speed chase. He then leaped on me at just the right moment. I could only turn around and watch as death leaped onto me and grabbed my neck. Sharp teeth clawed at my insides as my black and white stripped fur was ripped away from my body. Incomprehensible pain swept over my body as, with my dying eyes, I saw my family get devoured by dozens of amber beasts that could only be the rest of the lion pride. ...read more.

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