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The Checkup

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Coursework -2 In this essay I will be analysing a leaflet which goes about Amy. There are many different adverts. TV, and radio and magazines, internet are some examples. Most advertisements are a form of persuasive writing. However sometimes it is a form of a picture and it can give you some useful or not useful information. A very common way to advertise is used mostly in public such as Capitalisation and exaggeration and use of emotive languages and statistics, which is all used to attract peoples. However, the leaflet that I am analysing persuades you by reflecting on a real life situation. It tells you about a girl called Amie who lives in extremely poor condition, where her parents love her and would do anything to make her happy, but her parents lack the financial means. An organization called CCF tries to persuade peoples to donate money monthly to help people in the same position as Amie. This leaflet is aimed at adults, because they are willing to give money to sponsor a child, because they have been through a lot and understand how Amies parents feel by not be able to make their daughter proud. ...read more.


This picture is printed very big in the centre, because the writer wants to grab your attention before reading the leaflet. Sub headings that are used are 'Amie has a mother& father who love her.....' This attracts the reader's attention straight from the beginning. Around this leaflet there are text written in very small text. It basically gives you what CCF does to help making a brighter future for this world. This gives you the impression that you can trust CCF and that they are not some organisation that would just rob your money. Also in the beginning of this leaflet there is in bold large letter written Amie has a 'Mother& Father who love her...', and on the end it says '...So why does she need a sponsor like you?', which is like saying that Amie has a parent that love her so why does she need your help, which gets in explained in the leaflet. This header really shows how sad this story is. ...read more.


I found this leaflet also a success, because of the use of personal pronouns. It really gave you the impression of you changing someone's life to the better. It was also like that the writer was telling this story to you. I found the leaflet very interesting and if I had to change this leaflet to make it more appealing, I would not make the context seem so boring and long like now. Now it seems so long, that some peoples wouldn't be event bother reading it. Another thing is that I wouldn't put around the leaflet what CCF does to help children. I would it write it on the top, replace it with 'THE CHECK UP', because it doesn't give you any clue of what this leaflet might be about. It is now their basically for nothing. However I did like the way they placed the large picture in the centre, because if you look at the leaflet your attention will go immediately to the centre where you see an unhappy child, which will give you an idea of what this leaflet is going to be about. ...read more.

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