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The Christmas holiday finally came.

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The Christmas holiday finally came. All we did for the first day was look out from the frosty leaded glass at the neighbors packing their bags in the old Vauxhall, which was just visible through the dancing snow drops glittering from the street lamp at the corner of the road. I looked round and convinced myself that thinking of something productive would be better than starring at the neighbors enjoying themselves as they packed their worn out bags. I knew we couldn't go, but I just loved flicking through the holiday brochure, gazing at the beautiful pictures with blue seas and swimming pools. I kept on remembering what my dad said about the pictures being taken in the best place but I always knew that he lied and he just said that to get our hopes up. ...read more.


We were all packing our bags as the time was not on our side as we left the next day. The next morning we were all awake an hour before we should leave I thought I was the only one awake but when I slowly entered my parent's room I knew that wasn't true as they were up and ready before I was. After half an hour the whole family was in the car ready to go. My dad started the old, rusty engine and drove on to the black tar road which had been re surfaced. The weather was getting worse as the black clouds started to form and engulfed all the light in them. We finally arrived at the port. It was empty. It felt like we were in the middle of the ocean already. ...read more.


We all sat on a double bed which was very comfortable and soft. I asked dad where we were going and he said that we were playing the three islands. Straight away I remembered a program I'd seen about ships disappearing in the Bermuda triangle. When that thought came I felt a quick rush of cold wind blow from the ventilation on the roof. I knew we were near. An announcement was made to call all the passengers to the dinning room so we made our way there. I recognized the man at the back that was the captain I knew I had seen him before. I turned my red man united radio on and listened to the news. Just then I remembered the captain he was the guy that posted the leaflet. The radio was load and everyone heard "Boat 293 has gone missing" Rida Mansour 10MCO 1 ...read more.

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