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The Chrysalids by John Wyndham: Essay Questionn

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The Chrysalids by John Wyndham: Essay Question "The essential quality of life is living, the essential quality of living is change; change is evolution and we are a part of it" Explain how the title is symbolic to the major theme of the novel. A chrysalis; the time when a pupa lies swaddled in a cocoon, waiting for its last major progression in life, when it finally matures to adulthood. Man also has this transformation. He plays his part as a guiltless boy but there comes a certain time for reflection and retrospection when that little boy through hardship and struggle, success and failure becomes an individual, an adult, a man. ...read more.


In modern times it is not physical change that creates advantages rather technological change. Change is paramount to existence itself. The book is a revealing insight on human nature and man's psyche. It shows how we are uncomfortable with change and choose to shun it rather than embrace it. The title is extremely apt to the book as it really describes the whole theme in a couple of words; 'The Chrysalids.' The major theme of the novel is in essence, change. How everything and everyone has to change. The author uses David who starts out as a boy tackling problems in the mindset of a child. ...read more.


The book shows the evolution of a race and demonstrates that the next generation; the new elite would be those few children that possessed telepathic abilities. It even goes one step further to show an even better advancement being Petra. In this way the society of Waknuk is the pupa and Petra's generation is the butterfly. The title can also be taken to mean the evolution of the characters in the book. They are chrysalids at the beginning of the book and just as the butterfly struggling out of his cocoon gives his wings strength, so too do the dangers of Waknuk give 'the Chrysalids' mental toughness. The title of the book is fitting for its premise. In many ways it rings true to what is going in the book and life itself. Zan Gilani ...read more.

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