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The Classic Murder Story

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I believe a classic murder story are things that have a strange murder weapon like Mary's leg of lamb, the story must also have lots of detective work but shouldn't stress on it, must have a cliff hanger of some sort or failing that must have a striking finale (I found The Speckled Band's ending was an anti climax). My main things for a murder story in a great detective and an airtight alibi my favorite alibi everything above is included, brilliant. The story of "Lamb to the Slaughter" begins with Mary Maloney waiting for her husband to return from work; while she is waiting she is sewing and glancing without at the clock. Then Patrick Maloney (her husband) walked in. Mary poured them both drinks. Mary while sitting down admires her husband and ponders her love for this man. Mary's attempts at conversation are quickly halted & Patrick shows a distinct feeling of uneasiness and seems extremely nervous. Mary began to talk about dinner but as she tried to start, he sat her down and told her some rather shocking news. This bewildered her and her mind became blank and everything she did was based on instinct. ...read more.


after killing him but her mind seems less than capable of keeping up this charade "And in the other room Mary Maloney began to giggle". Dr.Roylott is a man who is seen as a murder, criminal and killer. He is a brutal man "He beat his native butler to death" and cruel as Holmes points out to Helen Stoner "You have been cruelly used" Roylott is a proud man who is willing to kill to keep his family house alive. He is a big strong man as shown in the fact he can bend steel pokers in knots. He also shows the behavior of a crazy man he dress code isn't the standard and his family has shown a line of violent men. Mary's murder weapon is the leg of lamb, which is against all other types of homicide. It shows the spur of the moment, as a premeditated murder would have been committed with a knife or gun etc. Dr.Roylott uses a deadly vicious animal in The Indian Swamp Adder. Roylott shows he's brutality all the way through the story but this shows how really brilliant he can be, I mean nobody knows its there and as the old maxim goes "You cant fight what ...read more.


& Then it goes back to present. Similarities between the two are both rely very heavily on there alibis, both consider the man to be the evil in the story, Both women seem to be going through massive changes in there lives Mary is pregnant and Helen is getting married. My favorite is Lamb to the Slaughter because I feel its more down to Earth more chance of it happening and it makes me see detail every time I read it because of the fact I like the plot and it jumps out to me. While The Speckled band is too unrealistic and way too technical for me. Its ending was atrocious and needed something like fight or something to act as a pick me up. Another reason I like L2S better than the Speckled Band because you feel sorry for Mary and want her too get away. L2S creates the mystery of will she get caught while the speckled band is just a 'who dunnit and how' Type that is too plain and usual ?? ?? ?? ?? Consider the effectiveness of "Lamb To Slaughter" & "The Speckled Band" as murder stories which did you enjoy most and why are good examples of classic murder stories? Created by Gary Dagg ...read more.

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