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The Climax

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The Climax Maureen Downing lives in a small council flat in Croydon; the council flat is grey and musty- the smell is choking. It smells of cardboard. The wallpaper all over the flat is still from the years ago when Alfred, her husband had originally hung it, when they moved in. Alfred Downing was Maureen's husband; they were married for 67 years. He had been stabbed for his money outside their block of flats 13 years ago. Maureen has not recovered from her loss- she used to call him "her everything". When he was taken away, she said she would never be truly alive again. She hasn't listened to music since, nor has she laughed. Her days are all the same- she wakes at 6 (her father was a miner, he'd leave for the pits at this hour, she had never broken out of this habit, much to Alfred's displeasure). She sits and "watches life go by" in the park. She watches animals, and people walking by. She says it's incredible how many people pass by. They had never had children; she couldn't- no one knows this. She is sitting in front of the television, her face, fixed to the screen with a feeling of wisdom and peace I've never seen before. The television is not on. Her wrinkled, battered face is small and narrow; it is astoundingly wrinkled. ...read more.


She remembers her husband's touch, coarse and uneven, but beautiful and wonderful. She rubs her towel against her face and dreams of one day being reunited with her beloved. She returns to her shadowy bedroom, the dawn is but arriving and only a little light shines through the rotten, thin curtains. She steps into the same dress and prepares to leave the house. She unhooks the nylon beige raincoat and opens the front door, which leads to a hall, with a balcony on one length and a row of doors on the other. The door opens with difficulty. The frosty wind forces her to squint; she sighs as she leaves her home. The balcony looks over a courtyard of broken cement, the council has been redeveloping it for years. She turns left and finds the lift door; she summons the lift- it does not come. It is broken, she sees, when closer she looks at the notice board. They can't bloody spend the money on me to save my old legs, but they can fight a war against the Asians?, she says. She makes for the stairs and very gradually goes down the two floors of stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, she sighs and comments how her legs aren't what they used to be. She says she isn't looking forward to climbing up the stairs again. ...read more.


He suddenly brings it back and throws it forward with all his strength. The knife enters between her ribs in the left half of her chest. She chokes and screams at the shock of this. Blood is seen at her mouth, now dribbling towards her wrinkled neck. Blood seeps out at an astonishingly fast rate from her wound. Her eyes are open wide, looking upwards. The man just stares in amazement at what he has done. He hears a dog at the entrance, and grabs the bag, which is tangled around Maureen's neck. He pulls hard and jerks her head. It releases and he runs away with it. She is on the floor and holding the knife with her hands. The dog and its owner are running to Maureen's dying body. The owner is a woman, herself about 40, with long brown hair and brown eyes. She dials 999 from her mobile phone and calls the police and an ambulance. "Are you alright love?" she says. "I'm wonderful", choked Maureen. It was clear that she would not survive. Her blood was being pumped for metres around and splattered on the frozen grass. She lays horizontal and the cold grass. She is unaware of what is around her, she sees white. She knows she is close to meeting her beloved again. She is happy. Maureen releases a final groan and released any muscles she had been using. Her head hit the pavement. The owner of the dog screamed desperately and the dog barked in panic too. ...read more.

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