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The Clubfooted Grocer

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The Clubfooted Grocer In class we were looking at a short story written by Arthur Conan Doyle the man who wrote the famous Sherlock Holmes detective stories. Conan Doyle was a Scottish writer born in 1859, died in 1930 aged 71. Arthur Conan Doyle was trained as a doctor but never succeeded in this profession. He found more money would come from writing. Aged thirty- two he forgot about being a doctor and became a writer. He wrote all sorts of books Historical, romance, and adventure, but the Sherlock Holmes stories are what made him famous. In this essay I am going to examine the narrative and linguistic techniques Arthur Conan Doyle uses in "The Clubfooted Grocer" and the effect they have on the reader. The techniques I will focus on are characterisation, location and imagery, and the plot tension in the story. "The Clubfooted Grocer" is based on the narrator and his Uncle, who has not excited to him and his mother for many years. Suddenly, out of no where, he sends a litter to ask for his nephew to go visit him up north. He gets on the train and meets his uncle's messenger at a different station to where his uncle lives. ...read more.


By Arthur Conan Doyle not giving any reason for the boys visit makes the story a little tense so would Inca ridge the reader to find out the reason why his nephew needs to go to meet his uncle, which makes you have to read on in the story to find this out. This is excellent plot tension. The third time plot tension appears is in the third paragraph. The paragraph opens with "on no account let John get out at Congleton". This starts the paragraph with plot tension straight away because it sounds scary like if John gets out at that station something terrible is going to happen to him. As you can see there is continuous plot tension in the story. Arthur Conan Doyle has also used the technique of characterisation to make the reader think on what the characters in this story may look like. Characterisation is when in the story a new important character is introduced he/she is described in much detail to gain your attention. There is two times that Conan Doyle uses this in the story. The first time characterisation appears in The Clubfooted Grocer is on the sixth page of this story. It is used to describe Mr Steven Maple himself. ...read more.


Conan Doyle uses this technique very well on the fifth page of the story on the eleventh line. He uses this for a whole paragraph. 'It was quite dark outside, with heavy black clouds drifting slowly across the sky' this is taken from that paragraph and explains the scenery that the young boy is surrounded by. This is good use of location. This paragraph goes on explaining the actions taken by the young boys guide. 'At first my guide walked swiftly and carelessly but eventually his pace slowed down' this sentence finishes explaining how the guide slows down for the rest of their journey. Conan Doyle has used location very well in this; it gives you a good idea of where the story is set at all times. The Clubfooted Grocer was not interesting for me, the story seemed very pointless in my point of view. I can understand why maybe this story was chose for the students to study as it was wrote by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but I found this story not one I would want to look at again. I understand the techniques used in this story and these were used very well. I think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has structured this story well but not a good story line. ...read more.

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