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The Coalition failed due to the inadequacies of Lloyd George as Prime Minister. Do you agree?

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The Coalition failed due to the inadequacies of Lloyd George as Prime Minister. Do you agree? From the start of the coalition in 1916 it was going to be difficult to keep things running successfully and smoothly, the coalition was a mix of Liberals and Conservatives. This mixture was strange as before the caolition the two parties were in opposition with the Liberals led by Herbert Henry-Asquith in parliament and the Liberals led by Lloyd George as their opposition. The Liberals needed Lloyd George and his votes to stay in Power, the Conservatives were reluctant to give a vote of no confidence because a change in Government would be a big hinderance to Britains war effort. After the failure of the first coalition due to Asquiths poor leadership and other reasons Lloyd George and the Conservative leader Bonner Law approached Asquith threatening a vote of no confidence unless Asquith resigned. Asquith later resigned and a new coalition was formed, however, many liberals resented Lloyd Geroge and went into opposition in 1916. ...read more.


If successful it would have made him a hero but if it was unseccessful it would have cost Britain more men and would have been a pointless war, the situation in Turkey was of no responsiblity of Britains but Lloyd George saw it as an opportunity to become more successful and become a certainty to win the next election. It was seen and Lloyd George's greatest foreign policy error, getting involved with something that he did not need to get involved with. Many people lost confidence with George after his part in the negotiations for the Traty of Versaille with the Allies and Germany. He wanted not to set reparations immediatley but to appoint a commision to assess the damage caused during the war and other monies that would have been lost and then they would be arranged. Many people thought that the reparations would be very lenient and 233 Conservatives expressed their feelings to him by signeing a telegram about their fears. ...read more.


Bonner Law was a n integral part of the caolition because he told the backbenchers what Lloyd George has said but how they wanted to hear it as they both had a poor relationship with each other, this made communication hard without a Law. He also restrained Lloyd George from making more rash decisions. In conclusion, although there are many points that indicate that the failure of the Coalition was down to Lloyd George and his bad decisions, he was no the only reason why it failed. The fact that the previous coalition failed gave people the impression that although the leader of the new coaltion "Won the War" some people might have the belief that it would fail like the one before it. The lack of backing from his coalition government could be due to Lloyd Georges leadership style but it could also be down to the fact that he was leading a government made up of previous opposition parties and the possibility that the Conservative party resented the fact that the two parties had joined and were being led by a Liberal was highly likely and would result in a lack of confidence. ...read more.

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