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The Collector.

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Nancy Kuo Introduction to Literature Journal 6 15 May 2003 The Collector I think Clegg is a psychopath because how can he kidnap a person and lock her in a basement so long? Especially when she was sick, he lied to himself that she was OK but actually her condition is awful. Miranda was dead after all, and then Clegg goes into a vicious circle that he decides to choose a more obedient one to kidnap. His love is twisted that what he has done to the girls is what he does to his butterflies. He collects beautiful things-both butterflies and Miranda. ...read more.


Clegg collects beauty but in fact his heart is ugly. When he has the money from lottery he expands his desire to an extreme point, which is to collect Miranda. The desire is frightening so that Miranda called him "Caliban" in Tempest. He is a shallow man, too. Contrast to Miranda, he knows very little and has a very fragile dignity. Miranda could easily cheat him. Like one time, she wanted him to choose the most beautiful picture she drew, then he did, but Miranda picked the most ugly picture to tell him that this is the best. He believed her. ...read more.


They were disappointed at the messy world and they were frustrated because they world was far from their ideal world. Miranda had her ideal world, which implies the ideal world 30's people had. Her world is beautiful and peaceful. She studied art, did the beneficial thing to the weak group and was against H-bomb. She had high eyesight on men. She was attract to the special qualities of G.P..G.P. was realistic, not like the ideal Miranda. G.P. taught Miranda a lot of thing, and inevitably G.P. had sexual attraction to Miranda. At last, the ideal should learn from the reality; the perfect should learn from the imperfect. Miranda died, and it implies that ideal dies when reality pushes it. It is a tragedy, but it's reasonable in the 30's-the disappointing time. Total words:518 ...read more.

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