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The Colour Purple - letter to Celie

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The colour purple letter to Celie Dear Celie, Any more letters from Nettie come? You ast. I say I wouldn't give 'em to you. I am now sending you all the letters from Nettie as part of 'pologising to you. In the past your Pa say to me I can have you when I wanted Nettie. Your Pa say Celie ugly she ain't smart either, doesn't even look like she kin to Nettie. Celie, I thought for a long time about getting you and 'tween you and me I only got you 'cause your Pa send your cow with you. ...read more.


Celie, every lick I hit you, I know now I suffer twice. Now I rot in my own jail that I make from my weakness. Shug say 'before, 'you can't make up your mind what you want.' This is very true; I couldn't make up my mind before, who I want, You, Shug or Nettie. Now I know t'was you and your sweet soul that give me strength to live. I said to you a man try to be nice to you, you fly in his face. I was wrong but I say things like this 'cause I say words which make it harder on myself. ...read more.


I tried to hide this fret by dishonouring you. I said t'was 'cause I probably didn't whup your ass enough. But this I am 'shamed of. I made your life hell, I realised when you went. I realised all strong women who fight back take you with them, that you too will become one of them. You too will make something of youself. Celie, I believe you will achieve. You a very strong woman You were put through your Pa's woes, your brothers and sisters woes and me and my children's woes. You a blessed woman of God. I loves you. Mr _________. ?? ?? ?? ?? The Colour Purple. English Assignment. David Hampton Rana SAK 462 words. ...read more.

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