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The company I have chosen to investigate is Jaguar.

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Aims and Objectives The company I have chosen to investigate is Jaguar. Like every business Jaguar's aims and objective is to achieve a working environment capable of providing for continuous improvements in Quality and Cost. The aims of Jaguar are to also continue with the excellent quality in their cars. What Jaguar really wants like every business are profitability, company security, and job security. Like every business these are the aims that Jaguar include * Make a profit * Provide goods or services to the local or wider community * Survive as a business or expand * Maximise sales or improve the quality of a product or service * Provide a highly competitive service * Provide charitable or voluntary services * Be environmentally friendly Profitability Profit is the difference between what a business has earned and what it has spent over a given period. The profit is the amount you would be able to keep, or re-invest in the business. E.g. when Jaguar wanted to bring out a new car they carried out market research to see what kind of car the public wanted and from what they found out was that the public wanted a nice new cheap, affordable car. So now the had a rough idea on what the car was going to be like so then they decided to design this car that they new they from the market research they would make a lot of profit on. And now that they have bought this car into production they are making a lot of profit and from looking below you can see what Jaguar will spend their profit on; 1. Raw materials 2. Wages and salaries 3. Electricity and power 4. Factory and office costs 5. Money for advertising Raw materials these are the materials you will need whilst making your product, without the raw materials you will not be able to produce the product Wages and salaries is the money you will need to pay of the employees employed. ...read more.


This is illegal either directly or indirectly. Direct discrimination is where one gender is excluded e.g. only men needed. Indirect discrimination is where it makes it more difficult for one sex to apply e.g. only those over 6"6 need apply. Even if Jaguar done this unintentionally it will be still illegal and they will be guilty of it. The employment rights act 1996 This act covers All employees at Jaguar must receive written details of their employment within two months of the contract of employment All employees at Jaguar are entitle to an itemised pay slip which shows the gross and net pay and how many hours are worked in detail All the female and male employees are allowed to go on leave and can work once they come back An employee at Jaguar cannot be dismissed for acting as a trade union official or health and safety representative All employees must be allowed time off work for jury or anti-natal care Any employees suspended from jaguar on medical grounds is entitled to receive payment for up too 26 weeks Employees at Jaguar have a right to a minimum period of notice (between 1and 12 weeks), depending upon the length or time they have been employed at jaguar. If Jaguar does not give this notice they would be guilty of wrong dismissal. If J aguar does not treat the employee right the employee has the right to make a complaint If jaguar does make an employee redundant they have to pay the employee. If the employee has not worked there for a long time they do not get paid Employment law The employment law safeguards all the employees at Jaguar. At jaguar they follow the entire discrimination act and an employee can take if Jaguar is guilty of not carrying out this act action. These acts are taken very seriously if another employee is guilty of carrying out discrimination it is Jaguars responsibility to take action. ...read more.


There is persuasive advertisement. Persuasive advertisement gives facts about the product that Jaguar has to offer. In this type of advertisement they will use many different types of tactics to sell the product, they will try to make the product stand out from the rest by adding different slogans basically what they try to do is make the product as distinctive as possible. All of the sales that Jaguar has made are because of advertisement. Jaguar also uses adverts to let people know about important events. If Jaguar do a special event they would advertise it in the newspaper, this is because people will read the article and then this will make the public think that Jaguar is a really good company and they are very nice people because they are doing things for charity. Telephone Jaguar uses the telephone to communicate externally, Jaguar find this method useful because they are talking face to face and using the telephone is a very fast way of communicating. Jaguar takes orders through the telephone and often they contact the suppliers through the telephone, however I think that this can cause a lot of mistakes as things can be misheard. Communication through telephone can be good for Jaguar if they want a confidential conversation because at least Jaguar will know whom they are talking to rather than when they send a fax they might not know who will receive it and who will check it. I think that telephone is very good because it is a very quick way of communicating. If someone in the Jaguar team wanted to communicate with someone very fast the best method would be to use the telephone. Brochure Brochures are apart of advertisement because in a brochure it will have a lot about the car. Jaguar uses a lot of brochures to show people what the Jaguar cars consist of. Brochures are used at Jaguar mainly because it saves them from explaining to people about the car. Jaguar's brochures have the main bits about the car so rather than explaining about the car they can just hand over a brochure. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Ted Hughes section.

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