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The Comparison between two 19th centuries Crime stories

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The Comparison between two 19th centuries Crime stories Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Allen Poe present crime in many different variations by their unique style of writing and perspectives. This essay is to determine the difference in the settings, styles and effects that both writers manipulate to entice the readers into their respective works of art. In a Case of Identity written by Doyle, the main two characters are Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson. Holmes is presented to the reader through the eyes of Watson, as a heroic, cunning and portentous figure. Holmes possesses the ability to deduce logical explanations that do not appear to others visions, 'Oscillation on the pavement means an affair de coeur', and Holmes is able to analyse a woman from some distance. Watson is represented as the reader, because he endeavours to unlock the mystery, yet rarely ever manages to even deduce any logical explanations. Watson captivates the reader's imagination by his admiration and incontestable dependence on Holmes shedding light on the mystery. However, Holmes is not perfect, as he never displays any sort of emotion regarding anyone. ...read more.


With Holmes he uses language that implies him being a super human and so knowledgeable that everything surrounding him seems so simplistic. Doyle also provides Holmes with the most complex and sophisticated vocabulary, with strong meanings and with no vague explanations 'Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent,' which is perfect to sustain him as the lead character. However, Watson is almost a shadow of Holmes with nothing but utmost respect for his colleague. Watson is also the narrator of the stories, which indicates that he can't be as phenomenal as his colleague can't. So Doyle can't have Watson with too many complex sentences and reasonable explanations, as it would produce a clash between the main character and narrator. Doyle manipulates Watson as the reader itself with mostly bewildered and vague sentences ' And yet I am not convinced.' The author very cleverly writes this, because it creates a contrast between a highly intellectual Holmes and usually discombobulated Watson. On the other hand, Poe manipulates more stuttered and insecure sentences, which provides the reader with information of the insane protagonist 'True- nervous-very very dreadfully nervous,' is the manner in which almost any delusional murderer would speak in. ...read more.


A successful businessman John Allen adopted Poe. Poe was kicked out of the University of Virginia after drunkenness and gambling, also his stepfather refused to aid him no longer. Some people say that Poe got his vivid imagination from the sights of gothic castles and violent sea storms may have developed here. Theses are found frequently in his stories, the horrible luck and experience may well have been a factor. Poe passed away on October 7, 1849 when he was forty years old from a heart attack. Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle was born on May 22, 1859, in Edinburgh Scotland. The Doyles were a prosperous Irish family, Charles Altamont Doyle was the father of Arthur and his mother was Mary Foley. Doyle's mother was a master storyteller and may have well been the innovator of Doyle's vivid imaginations, as his father was alcoholic. Arthur also spent seven years in a grueling, school, which he very much hated. Poe and Doyle both come from unstable backgrounds filled with deceit and betrayal, which may have influenced them to become such graphic and magnificent writers. Both authors present crime in their unique styles of writing and past experiences. Nabeel Ali 10A 1 ...read more.

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