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The Corner Shop.

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The Corner Shop. A thunderous noise blasted through the house as Jim tried to move the sofa from the living room to his bedroom, after several hours Jim had only managed to move it into the doorway of the hall. Jim was a middle aged man with brown hair and he wore a dirty white shirt and jeans, he was now feeling like giving up and paying someone to do it for him, so he flung himself onto the sofa and lit a cigarette while he thought of what to do next. Jim had recently been made redundant, as his frozen food business had been gone bankrupt and was then merged with a rival company who stripped it for the assets. Jim got up and looked around at his mess of a living room. It was filled with junk, like those Russian dolls and other items, like a figurine of mice having tea with the caption under it saying "A stop of tea Mr. Whiskers". He walked over to the C.D player and played some 70's music, then walked into the kitchen, picked up the phone on the wall and thought if he should call Jak his best friend. ...read more.


saw a small hunched back old man with no teeth and a stick in one hand, reaching into a draw looking for something. "Umm, excuse me but...." Jim was cut off mid sentence by what the old man pulled out of the draw, it was a long black snake that had obviously been dead for some time now as its skin was gone and only small patches of the flesh where still there. The shop keeper then turned around and smiled which both Jak and Jim both preferred he did not do and said "Welcome to my shop if you are looking for the post office its straight this road and on the left". "Were not looking for the post office, were her to look and buy...." said Jim who was then shocked at the old man's reaction to the word money and probably the prospect of money to be had. "Buy! No one's been in here to buy for years now," the shop keeper then went into a much quieter voice that Jim and Jak could not hear him properly "and I'm beginning to get hungry." Jak who was still rather drunk found the old man very amusing as he showed them all his various items for sale. ...read more.


Cosmo's face the instant he saw Jim became ripped with rage and fury. "This as you can see is my most treasured possession The Provider!" said Cosmo and he pointed to a huge pickle tank with an entire human floating in it with bits of flesh and skin missing of its face and body. The face itself even though dead seemed to smile at Jak and Jim its arms seemed to beckon them into the tank with it its eyes seemed to show them the fate that they would meet if they stayed in the room with it. So this was what they could smell. A huge noise filled the room as Cosmo shut the door before they could turn around Cosmo grabbed a knife form his desk which was just only in arms reach for him. As the two men tuned around he unsheathed himself from his usual state to his almost monster seven foot state he bought the knife up to his month and lunged with tremendous power at Jim, who managed to duck and miss the huge body of the man. He quickly grabbed Jak and ran out the door into the street, he could still hear the evil taunts of the shop keeper as they ran onto the road and into the night never to be seen again. By Raphael Yadgaroff RTPU ...read more.

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