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"The court finds you Mr Love, guilty on two accounts of manslaughter, and sentences you to life imprisonment"

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"The court finds you Mr Love, guilty on two accounts of manslaughter, and sentences you to life imprisonment" "No, Steve!" There were screams from my girlfriend and family as the verdict on my case was announced, I had been found guilty of murdering my two best friends. I was drunk and I was driving us all home after a party. We met a couple of blokes in "Citroen Saxo" and started to race along the motorway at over one hundred m.p.h. Then suddenly the car went over a pothole and I lost control of the car. We collided with the barrier in the middle of the road. I was thrown out of the car through the side window and landed on the tarmac with an enormous thud. I sat up to find blood on my face, and cuts on my hands and face. When I had realised where I was, I looked up to see the burning skeleton of a car. I quickly looked round for my too friends, hoping they had been thrown out too, but I couldn't see them any where, so I realised to my horror they must still be in the car. I could hear a fait screaming coming out from the raw of the flames. ...read more.


We all sat in silence round the table at breakfast, you could tell everyone was anxious. Freddie was sweating buckets and Gary couldn't sit still, the jackhammer was just seating in his seat with a face of stone. We were all looking at the 'Jackhammer' waiting for him to give us the signal to unlock our handcuffs, he coughed twice, that was the signal. We started to unlock our handcuffs as inconspicuously as possible, I saw a guard starting to walk over to us, I nodded to the guard and he just walked straight past. The hammer broke our silence by whispering "on the count of three we make a run for the kitchen, one, two.....three" We all dashed for the kitchen, I could hear behind me guards bellowing "Hold it!" But I didn't care I just ran fast as could, then I heard a gun shot from behind me. I turned to see Gary had been shot, he had been shot through the chest and blood had splattered on several inmates. I tried to turn and run but my legs wouldn't move they were like jelly, I looked up to see another guard lifting his gun up. Suddenly I was pulled though the kitchen door, the bullet from the gun hit the door. ...read more.


The tyres were punctured ,I lost control of the van. I jerked the steering wheel to try to regain control of the van. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as we rolled over and over again. This time I wasn't thrown out, we were all trapped in side as the van was upside down. The Jackhammer kicked open the door and ran in to the forest near by, Freddie was unconscious I called for the Jackhammer to help me to get him out, but there was no reply. I could hear the police sirens closing in on us. So I pulled him as hard as I could and dragged him out on to the road. I picked him up and put him over my shoulder and I started to run towards the forest. Before I could get in to the forest I heard a police car behind me screeched as it stopped, and a voice yelling, "Stop Him!" Then a gun shot. I felt a sharp pain in my chest and another gunshot and more pain. I put my hand to my chest, it was covered in blood. I fell to my knees, then the last gunshot I fell to the floor and closed my eyes. Looking back on my life I hope my saving of Freddie's life cancels out my killing of my friends. Daniel Creasey English G.C.S.E coursework Page 1 ...read more.

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