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The cover of the jet black book was covered in thick dust, as if someone had left the book for years. As I wiped the dust of the book, the dust covered my hand and turned it black.

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The book I walked through the gigantic two doors that led into the library. It was rather modern with computer on the left, and the book on the right. But right in the dark far end corner of the library were the book was kept, I walk towards there. As I walked further down the library, the smell of the air freshener was fading, the floor was much dirty and looked like it hasn't been hovered for some time. Then there it was in front of me, the book that every kid in the school feared of opening, the horror of the consceques it will give you, the apparently different world you will enter. It was on an ancient brown wooded book shelf that was just able to stand up. It had gold triangles on each corner of the book shelf. I gently took the fragile book of the shelf. ...read more.


As I walk away from the book shelf I kept thinking 666, 666, 666 isn't that a unlucky number of some sort. I started to panic, if something was going to happen to me. I went straight back to the wooden book shelf and snatched the book of the shelf. I took the book and turned it to the front page, still blank nothing there, then I decided to turn it to the page 666 as I did there was nothing there at all. There nothing to be scarred of with this book, but doesn't it have anything in it. I took the note out of my pocket and placed it in the book on page 666 and shut the book. The book suddenly glowed, white pearly light shown from the book to my eyes, the light got brighter. I thought it was going to blind me. I dropped the book, and covered my saw eyes with my hands. ...read more.


Where am I? Is this heaven? There too the left of me was a table, with loads of food on it from cakes, to chips to burger to roast meals. It has every food dish you could think of. A sign was above the table just floating in the air saying "please help yourself". A man from the distance came walking towards me, dressed in a black suit. The man face came clearer and he appeared to be oldish roughly in his fifties. I ask him " were am I", he replied very politely and said "you're in optional heaven, you can leave at any time and go back to your original life but why would you my lad, you can always come back here as well? " "Behind you my lad is the same book you came out of just turn to page 666 and you'll will go back to where you come from, nothing will be different but if you do remember do not tell the whole world about this as it will get destroyed". ...read more.

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