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The Crash

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The Crash The multi coloured sky changes rapidly into the dark lonely night but drops of diamond shining stars brighten it. You're all alone in an isolated office. Working another tiring day of over time. Your watering eyes begin to feel weary. You look across at the busy view of the noisy city. The ringing sound of the modern clock catches your attention. The silver metallic hand points ar 10pm. You realise how long you have been working but in front of you stands a mound of urgent paper work. Just having a glimpse brings a thumping pain in your head. You decide to return home as it is getting late. A sudden strike of rumbling thunder makes you spring slightly into the cold air. You stare towards the reflective windows, but all you see is a flash of dazzling white light. ...read more.


You scream. You recognise the familiar faces surrounding you, it's you irreplaceable family. The feeling of unknown strangers disappears. You begin to think what had happened and search for the answer to a family gathering. You discover the answer. They are visiting because they are deeply concerned about your unstable condition as you were unluckily caught up in a terrible accident. You're surprised you survived. The boring months pass. It seems like they are extended. You are finally all healed and returning to your cosy home. You miss you comfy bed. The beautiful morning arrives. You happily get ready for hours of work. You get into your pastel blue car. You rush past the quiet area where the terrorising accident occurred. You arrive promptly at the office. Whilst you're in the cramped lift, pain takes over your head. ...read more.


Or is that image happening at this present moment? Then your mind goes blank. All you can do is run. The marble stairs seem to be never ending. You can't even stop to take a quick breath. The noises of the heavy footsteps are getting closer. You reach the steel door that leads to the top of the building. You unlock the large doors. The wintry breeze bashes into you. You start to drift towards the death threatening edge. The vivid shape wouldn't discontinue approaching. You're helplessly trapped in an inescapable corner. You shift backwards. You slip. You try to yell but your throat is empty. You fall staring at the beaming moon. You fall into a bed. You wake in shock and break off the mysterious dream. You smell an unhappy atmosphere. You look around exploring. You see four plain walls. You're in the gloomy hospital. You were unfortunately in a fearful accident and ended up in a lifeless coma. ?? ?? ?? ?? Cynthia Pang 10C2 ...read more.

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