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The creature then opened its fist, bent down, gripped the earth and pulled up. It turned its head down and was now facing me. I could really now feel the wrath of its immense power and strength.

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Original Writing The dreadful screaming. The piercing sirens. The deafening cries. The alarms had gone off. There was chaos everywhere. Men running to safety while their wife and children were under their arms. People were scattering in every direction, in their bathrobes and nightwear. The smell of danger could be smelt miles away and it grew bitter and stronger. The ground started to shake. Very slowly and gently at first but it gradually grew until it was swaying from side to side, destroying grey, ancient buildings and throwing humans around as if they were pieces of meat. I grabbed onto the nearest thing to me, which was a street lamp that had been severely loosened. Its light had blown up and at that time a cluster of humungous rocks flew past behind me. I turned around and saw what the nightmare of Satan was. Crumbled buildings and lifeless bodies lay at the feet of this creature. It was so tall I had to bend my neck all the way back to get a glance at its face. It was completely grey and looked like a statue made from huge building blocks. ...read more.


What can I do? As I search everywhere I see a car abounded on a long stretch of road that leads to, as I remember from my childhood, a cliff. A perfect plan, a perfect getaway. I step into the vehicle and open the casing under the steering wheels. I had been taught a few tricks about hot wiring and never knew when it would come in handy, until now. A few seconds of fiddling got the engine to start and straight away I drove off. I was actually lucky, only being 15 and having a chance to drive. But there were more important things going on. I drove down the dry, dusty stretch of road as the clouds overhead started to darken. They became completely black, making the road in front of me difficult to see. I narrowed my eyes until I could hardly see anything but that didn't work. I was driving to my death. If I stopped the monster would of trampled over me or cause unimaginable pain on me but if I carried on I will probably crash into something or fall down the cliff that ended this road. ...read more.


The windows smashed outwards with a terrible shatter. The horn was now going on and off uncontrollably making the monster even madder. Its force was now forcing me to lay crouched down next to the pedals. Breathing was now impossible because I had no space to expand my chest. I looked up and saw that it had stopped. I got up and peeked threw the holes, where the glass used to be, and saw nothing. Suddenly I say a huge oval. An oval that blasted with a fiery blaze or red and yellow. I knew what that was. The evil and madness was still lurking inside there, controlling this beast, causing havoc and destruction. Staring into that fire was hypnotising, I could feel my energy escaping my body, leaving me powerless. It was taking everything from me, all through just one eye. My chest was beginning to be dragged towards it as it was continuing this process. This devil had taken everything from me, even my memories. I was just sitting in the car, lifeless, confused and painless. Everything seemed like nothing to me now. I couldn't hear anything, smell nothing, and feel nothing. All I could see were those two fiery eyes that had devoured me and all I could hear were these three words, "Your Mine Now." ?? ?? ?? ?? Maaz Rafique ...read more.

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