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The crowd were cheering and jumping up and down with excitement, as I crossed the line to win the fifth race of the year in Indianapolis.

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Navid Moosavi-Hejazi The crowd were cheering and jumping up and down with excitement, as I crossed the line to win the fifth race of the year in Indianapolis. I finished four seconds ahead of Nicky Cossack, who was blue with anger. After I was congratulated and awarded for my victory I rushed back home to London to meet my family. Ricky and Jennifer greeted me at the air port with hugs and kisses. On the way home Ricky and Jennifer where both asleep in the back seat. As I looked at them through my rear view I thought about my life so far and what I wished to further achieve. I realised that in actual fact my life was perfect. I lived with a beautiful wife who adored the ground I walk on. I have a gorgeous son who loves me. I have a lot of money, I don't have any debts, my houses, cars, are all paid for, and I have nothing to worry about. ...read more.


He put on his helmet and a few seconds later the green light was on and we were off. I started strong, holding all my bends through the first ten laps. Nicky was right behind me as always and nonconformist, not one to bare a grudge as always. As the race went on Nicky was closing in on me every lap. He was now only a few hundredths of a second behind me. I slowed down a little more than I should have for the next bend and Nicky arrive level with me at the close of the bend. We went head to head for two laps. When we arrived at the perpendicular bend Nicky slowed down to let me in front, he then hit me from the back at a diagonal view with the point of his nose cone, the energy transfer was enough for my body to beat the upholstery like a little red headed step child, and my eyes filled up with tears but I held back just like a little red headed step child. ...read more.


It grazed my tongue. My head rocked forward leaving my mouth open, trickling with buckets of blood. The rescue team arrived, they decided not to move me until I was transported to the closest hospital. The wing was removed as well as the half of the nose cone that was still attached to the car. The smell of the gas that I earlier noticed finally paid off when I and two members of the paramedics where blasted over the boundary tyres. The paramedics accumulated no specific injuries. My whole face was burnt. Because my mouth was left open, inside it was also burnt. The surface of my body was burnt to the bone. My legs where also burnt, however my right leg was torched from halfway down the thigh and onwards from the depths of the muscle and bone. In the hospital the doctors discovered that my all flesh on my body had been burnt. They explained to my wife that I was lucky to have died, because of a shortage of blood and not because of multiple burn wounds. That was the only little bit of salvation that was left for her. ...read more.

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