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'The Crucible'.

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English Crucible Coursework By Josephine Opoku In the established society of a small, Puritan town in the late 17th century, a lie by a minister's niece sparks utter hysteria throughout the town of Salem. This quite minor fabrication causes a wildfire of deceit to burn throughout the town destroying homes, families and friendships. In the centre of this saga the marriage of John and Elizabeth Proctor has been diminished to a marriage of awkward silences and great mistrust by John Proctor adulterous relationship with Abigail Williams. As the town is in havoc, the Proctor's marriage is also tested. The play portrays heir struggle to prevail I a world of treachery. In this essay of 'The Crucible', I am going to be examining the Proctor's marriage in relevance to the theme of witchcraft and study why Miler put the marriage at the centre of the play. When we first see the Proctor's in Act Two, a conventional view of home life at that period time is portrayed the husband has been working hard on the land, while his wife cared for the children and tended to her family's needs, but this scene also shows many things. I t shows the need for gratitude from each over, as if they need to please one another vastly. This is depicted many times when John begins to eat. Early on in the scene as Proctor comments on his wife's food saying 'It is well seasoned' which we are aware is false as previously in entering the house he sampled the ...read more.


The Reverend Hale notices this lack of trust in Salem as he enters the household with Francis and Giles he states, 'There is a misty plot afoot so subtle we should be criminal to cling to old respect and ancient friendships'. Hale is saying that old friends do not matter any more as they have followed the easy route of lying to achieve what they want and loyalties do not enter their plan to accomplish more land or any other trivial matters. Accusations run free in Salem not distinguishing one person from the next, respect does not come into play. The lack of trust follows to the dishonesty in the play people began to see the rampant accusations of the trials as a chance to use this hysteria to benefit themselves, and began to accuse an easy target as the person who is engaging in witchcraft. Abigail Williams accused who servant Tituba of witchcraft as she was a black slave to her family and no one would believe her over a white niece of a reverend due to the racist attitudes that existed. Abigail also accused the poor as they were not rated as important members in the community, they had no status so were an easy target. Abigail was the one who triggered the feast of lies but it did not end here. Thomas Putnam engaged in the fabrication also but the alleged was on a more personal note. ...read more.


If he should die he wants to have something to pass on through his generations, rather then to blacken his future generations. In the last act Corey is said to of said the Lord's Prayer just before his death, this is very significant and poignant scene in the film adaptation. This is to save his soul from damnation and is asking for forgiveness John and Elizabeth pass through the end of the play John Proctor dies but he passes through the crucible. A crucible is something used to extract pure from impure. Such as it begins with the suspicion, which Elizabeth had on John as she believed he was still seeing his mistress, Abigail Williams. This follows on to the lack of trust which will eventually lead on to John was indulging in fornication and his marriage to Elizabeth was falling apart, but the whole time from when Abigail started the lies, this began their time of purification. His confession of adultery brings him to his salvation, as he regretted what he did. A crucible is something you pass through for purification. John achieved this as even though he died he is restored and saved just like his marriage and all the other people in Salem. John Proctor is brought to his salvation with his marriage refined, free of falsity. Also both the town and the marriage have to sacrifice something, Proctor sacrifices himself in order to save his pregnant wife and the townspeople also sacrifice themselves. 1 ...read more.

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