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The Crucible

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The Crucible Essay The play The Crucible was written in the year 1952. The purpose of this play was to highlight all of the hysteria of communism that was around in the early fifties. Also the purpose was that normal people should not suffer for what they believe in. The play The Crucible is an allegory because it has two different meanings to it, these meanings are people being accused as witches and also the writer of this play Arthur Miller wanted to write about communism but he couldn't because in his time he could have been killed for writing about communism so he decided to write about it as the Salem witch trials. The play The Crucible was written in temporal times when people believed in witches and the devil around the time of 1952. Then there were physical settings when an isolated village with a society with differences started to accuse each other for witchery. ...read more.


I think they do this because they might want to be near wear all of the witchery was meant to have started off in the forest. Also they have missed quite a few lines out in the film this is because by leaving out these lines it gives a different emphasis on the play. The significance of the piece of paper is that if he does sign it not only is he confessing to witchery but also he will bring shame to his name, himself and also his family when it gets hung on the church door, but John Procter does not want this so he tears the piece of paper up so his wife and son can hold their heads high in public and say that he was a hero to a lot of people. The reaction of Reverent Hale was really bad because he says, " Man, you will hang! ...read more.


save John Proctors life creates an emotional response in the audience this is from the use of dramatic devices used from Arthur Miller to create this emotional response from the audience. The significance of the comments in "Echoes" and Millers didactic form is that after twenty years the government accepted that an injustice had been done by the killing of innocent people and awarded compensation to the victims still living and the families of the dead. Even though the government realised about the injustice there were still people that were unwilling to admit their guilt. The ending of the film has John Procter and the two other women who are saying their prayers before they get hung but the man that pushes them off doesn't let them finish. This has an emotional effect on the audience making them upset. I think Arthur Miller portrayed his message strongly because it gives a clear indication of the impact that communism and witchcraft had at this time. ?? ?? ?? ?? Aiden Dale Aiden Dale ...read more.

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