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The Crucible.

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The Crucible Assignment Give an account of the moments of extreme tension at the end of Act 3 and their impact on the audience. You must explain in detail the parts played by: - Mary Warren, Abigail Williams, Danforth, Hale and particularly John and Elizabeth Proctor. In this part of the play Mary Warren has been brought to the court by John Procter to testify that the she and the other girls have been pretending that people in Salem have been sending out their spirits to hurt the girls and that all the fainting and cold winds harming them were produced of their own accord. Mary however will be feeling very confused, upset and probably quite vulnerable as she can't benefit from testifying or from continuing the lies. On the one side she has promised John Proctor that she will tell the court the truth to help Proctor free his wife from prison and possibly free the other people from the death penalty of denying witchcraft. On the other side however Mary is afraid of Abigail's wrath for telling on her. Earlier on in the play Abigail threatened "I will come to you in the black of some terrible night and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you. And you know I can do it." She had threatened this to scare any of them telling the courts that they had danced in the woods. Mary also knows that Abigail is very clever and quick even though she has only witnessed a part of Abigail's malice when the girls were threatened. Mary seems weak even before she is questioned as she sobs when Mr Danforth speaks to Mr Francis. Danforth comments that she is not hearty and Proctor agrees and bending down to Mary he tells her to remember about what God said to an angel about telling the truth so as to strengthen her spirits and feel that she is back on the right side of God for telling the truth. ...read more.


Danforth asks Abigail if she denies the accusation. She remains very mature and indignant, almost as an adult might and refuses to comment simply saying that if she had to confirm or deny such an allegation then she would leave the court and never come back. This shows some of Abigail's true hardness. She does not seem as if she will break down, showing her immensely strong character but she obviously feels boxed in and quite unsure as she answers very tightly and defensively. She proceeds to try and manipulate Danforth back into her power by accusing him of giving her dirty looks but when he doesn't melt to her she makes for the door. This shows that she now thinks that she is losing and as she doesn't seem used to losing she tries to bail out. She knows she has lost the trust of Danforth at least for the moment. However she is stopped from leaving and she is furious. She is made to go back to Danforth where he seems to have composed himself slightly and he tells Mr Parris to bring out goodwife Proctor to confirm or deny any truth in the allegation. At this point the audience will be feeling hopeful because all the way through the play Proctor has claimed that his wife cannot lie and so she can tell the court that Abigail is a whore. On the other hand the audience will feel suspension building as nothing in this play is straight forward and the audience may be expecting a twist, also they will be wondering what will happen to John if his wife admits that he is a lecher. So the tension in the audience will once again be rising as they wait for Elizabeth Proctor to arrive. Danforth is taking Proctor very seriously as even he sees that no man is prepared to throw away his good name and reputation in the most humiliating of manners if there was no truth in it. ...read more.


Mary then runs to Abigail telling her that she will never hurt her any more and Abigail welcomes her with open arms as once again she has won over Proctor. Here Danforth turns on Proctor. He asks him if he is combined with the anti-Christ. Hale tries a last desperate effort to convince Danforth but he gets a sharp cutback to shut up from Danforth showing how little weight Hale really carries in the court. Proctor however seems to have turned wild with the accusation, and he cries that God is dead. This does not help his case and he laughs insanely crying that a fire burns in Hell, he can hear the boots of Lucifer and see his face. Here he is merely referring to the fact that he feels he will go to Hell anyway because of his affair with Abigail but he says that he sees Danforth with him. This is his way of saying that he thinks Danforth is a murderer for sending people to be hanged as witches. Danforth does not realise though and tells the marshal to take Corey and Proctor to the jail. Proctor has a last word still sticking with his story "You are pulling down heaven and raising up a whore!" Hale loses his temper also and denounces the proceedings and quits the court, he exits the door and slams it. Here Act three ends. The audience should really like this play as it has an amazing roller coaster of emotions and tension in it and there aren't any dull or boring parts where not much happens. The play shows how human nature can favour some people such as Abigail to survive by giving her the things she needs such as looks, wit and boldness. However the play shows what happens when these gifts are given to the wrong people and they use them to make bad things happen like scaring the girls into supporting her, manipulating the court to believe her story and consequently having innocent people hanged, all so she could have Proctor's wife hanged and have Proctor all to herself. ...read more.

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