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The Crucible

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Alex Greenhill September 24, 2001 English- Period 3 The Crucible Essay Setting the Story When you think of a bright and sunny day, what kind of images are put into your head? Maybe you think of a baseball game at the park, or perhaps a relaxing time at the beach? Whatever the case, bright and sunny is usually associated with happy, pleasant thoughts. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, the imagery put into the readers' heads is far from felicitous. Instead, the setting is during the chaotic Salem witch trials, where we are exposed to dark, dreary times. The mood is depressing, the characters are in panic, and the theme is hysterical but yet intriguing. ...read more.


The opening premise sets a somber tone for the rest of the story. The story continues to be a subject of controversy, eventually ending up where the main character is put before a court. John Proctor, along with the rest of the people in the courtroom, is subjected to "sunlight pouring through two high windows in the back wall" (III, 83). The structure of the meeting house is poor, with "Heavy beams jut out, boards of random widths make up the walls" (III, 83). The whole description is depressing, implying that the trials will proceed on as dark and unforgiving; no chance for those prosecuted. ...read more.


The 17th century's awful, inexorable witch trials were some of the darkest days of the time. People were accused for things they had no part of and were put to death anyway, but really its shows that the Puritan community was superstitious, gullible, and really had an aversion to witches. Miller displays the trials in such a matter that it really feels like the reader is in the bedroom or in the courtroom. He forms a picture of a town where all the buildings are creaking and hanging by a thread and where the sun never shines, both literally and figuratively. Arthur Miller's magnificent talent of creating the setting in a picturesque manner makes all the difference in this book being a very interesting read. ?? ?? ?? ?? Greenhill 1 ...read more.

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