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the crucible

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How does Arthur Miller create sympathy for John Proctor in the "Crucible?" Arthur Miller creates sympathy for John proctor in a number of different and effective ways. The way I feel was the most effective, was the way Arthur changes our impression of proctor during the play. As in, in the first act proctor says "Abbey I never give you hope to wait for me". This was the first time the audience find out that proctor; a seemingly ordinary family man has actually been involved in an affair, further on in the play the audience realise that proctor has learn his lesson when he says this quote "I cannot mount the gibbet like a saint it is a fraud, I am not that man". ...read more.


Is the accuser always holy now?" By proctor saying this it is as though saying what is on the readers mind, as in we know right from act one that the girls are lying and the audience feel angry, what with all the accusation. So by proctor saying this the audience feel almost relived in a way. The audience feel as though proctor is the only brave character that is strong enough to speak the truth. In contrast to how proctor lied to Elizabeth when she asked him if you were with someone when he actually was with Abigail. Proctor feeling embarrassed and guilty says "Oh, Elizabeth, your justice would freeze beer!" ...read more.


How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me my name!" The stage directions used at the end really are intense and very emotional, because proctor is a dying man and these are one of his last words. So in other words proctor is pleading for his life. I feel that this was a very good technique as the audience were very sympathetic towards proctor by contrast to the way the audience felt about proctor in Act one in his affair with Abigail. (ELIZABETH, in a burst of terror, rushes to him and weeps against his hand). This stage direction makes the audience feel sad, emotional and makes the audience want to cry because of the powerful stage directions use. I feel that the stage directions used were very effective and emotional. The Crucible Waris Mahad 11GL The Crucible Waris Mahad 11GL ...read more.

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