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The Crucible Act 1 (First Half, to page 26) 1.

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The Crucible Act 1 (First Half, to page 26) 1. What do we learn of the Revd. Parris's worries from his first conversation with Abigail? We find out that he has no desire to belief in unnatural causes of illness. He is frightened of his reputation in the village and is frightened of the results that may come out if witchcraft was involved. He needs to find the real cause of his daughter, Betty fainting otherwise 'his enemies will bring it out' (page 8). He is also scared of what people think of Abigail. ...read more.


(Also see Millar's note on page 11) Mr. Putnam was not given a role in the village as a minister and so has a negative view to Parris, neither was his relative given the role. He doesn't seem to like the people who live in the village and they both know signs of witchcraft. Also, all their children have died very young and they believe it was related to witchcraft. 4. What were the girls up to in the forest? How do you account for their illness? They were apparently dancing in the forest. ...read more.


Proctor now believes Abigail can perform witchcraft. They are now far apart because Elizabeth is making a bad name for Abigail in the village by telling lies about her. Proctor wants Abigail to forget about their relationship. 6. What is your impression of Rebecca Nurse? She is thought of as a wise old woman. She believes in God and a natural cause for Betty's illness. She is well respected by the people in the village. 7. Further insights into Parris and his relationship with the village of Salem? Parris feels he is not paid a lot for what he is worth. He needs to keep his good reputation in Salem. There is a faction around that is against him. He is a minister. ...read more.

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