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the crucible and heart of drakness summary

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Dillon Dolansky Ms. Austin Critical lens 1/18/09 "Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves." Friedrich Nietzsche made this statement. In my mind it means that you are not free until you can take responsibility for yourself. You do not need others help anymore is when you are free. I agree with this statement in many ways. Two good examples are seen in the books The Crucible by Arthur Miller and The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. These books both use literary elements such as characterization and theme. Both these elements help prove why I agree with Nietzsche's statement. The main character of The Crucible is John Proctor. In the play he needs to make a lot of important decisions. ...read more.


On his journey he meets a lot of white people who oppose imperialism. By the end of the book he realizes how cruel it is to imperialize innocent people so he takes responsibility for himself and stops his wrong doing. Theme has a major impact on both books. Two themes in both The Crucible and The Heart of Darkness is hypocrisy. It is seen in The Crucible in a few ways. One way is how the Judge Danforth wants everyone to confess to being a witch. The people don't want to because they themselves know that they aren't witches. But still Judge Danforth urges them to confess. ...read more.


His honesty leads to his downfall, as his success threatens to expose the evil practices behind European activity in Africa. Hypocrisy is one of the most important themes in this book. To stop being a hypocrite you need to be responsible for yourself and only then your free. Friedrich Nietzsche was a smart man. He had a way with words. His quote related very well to both books. I fully agree with it and have seen examples of it in everyday life. I proved why I agree with it by using both books. From reading these books and just this quote, I myself have grown as a human being. ...read more.

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