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The Crucible: Arthur Miller builds up tension for the audience by a skilful use of dialogue, dramatic speeches, entrances and actions - By discussing at least one example of each from Act Two say how he does this.

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The Crucible: Arthur Miller builds up tension for the audience by a skilful use of dialogue, dramatic speeches, entrances and actions. By discussing at least one example of each from Act Two say how he does this. Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible' is set in Salem, Massachusetts where they didn't understand either medicine or science. They thought when someone became ill it was because either God was punishing them or witchcraft was at work. The Crucible is based on a group of teenage girls who are discovered dancing naked in the woods, playing with witchcraft. When the girls realised how severe their punishment would be, they claimed other members of the community possessed them. There was no defence against witchcraft. If people denied it they were hung, as they believed they were possessed by the devil. If people admitted it they were put in jail. Anyone who was accused had his or her life ruined. The group of girls lead by Abigail Williams began accusing perfectly innocent members of the community of witchcraft. Usually the people accused were outcasts such as beggars or old women who lived alone, but respectable women were finding they too were being accused. ...read more.


The tension is show by the respondents using exclamations. "Rebecca's in the jail!" This comes as a shock because like Elizabeth, Martha and Rebecca are highly regarded women. Now they have been arrested there is a grater chance that Elizabeth too will be arrested. Miller raises suspense in Act 2 with the searching of the poppet. The searching of the poppet would raise tension for the audience, as they do not know what the poppet signifies. Throughout the searching the question 'What signifies a poppet' is asked many times. As the audience do not know what the poppet signifies it keeps them wondering what the commotion is about. When the poppet is found there is a needle stuck in its stomach. This would immediately raise tension, as this would have been a sign of witchcraft. Elizabeth would have been accused as using it as a voodoo doll. At this moment the audience would not know what either the poppet or the needle signifies. As the needle was found placed in the stomach of the poppet this was where Abigail Williams was stabbed as she sat to dinner in Reverend Parris's house. ...read more.


All their pretending is torn apart "We are only what we always were, but naked now." This means they are still the same people but now all their secrets have been revealed. "Aye, naked! And the wind, God's icy wind, will blow! All the truth has been publicized and there is nothing they can do but put up with the consequences for their actions. They are now vulnerable. John's wife has been arrested and he is determined he is going to put everything right again. Here John's actions and language show his anger extremely distinctly. His use of imagery makes it very clear for the audience to imaging what is happening. I though this act was extremely successful. The use of vague understanding with the searching of the poppet keeps the audience in suspense, as they do not know what is so important. The efficiency if the language used throughout the scene is of high quality. I think the best part of the scene is the actions that take place off stage. I feel this is one of the most effective parts of the scene because it allows the imaginations of the audience to run wild. Stephanie Budby English Literature Mrs Armatage 11CRE ...read more.

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