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The Crucible by Arthur MillerAct One. Discuss in detail how you would direct either Reverend Parris or Abigail in Act One.

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Louise Brack H2 GCSE Post 1914 Drama - The Crucible by Arthur Miller Act One. Discuss in detail how you would direct either Reverend Parris or Abigail in Act One. Refer to voice, movement, gesture and facial expression in your essay; explore the relationship between your chosen character and the others on stage, commenting on their symbolic representation within the play. Arthur Miller was born in New York in 1915 and brought up in the Brooklin area. He won an award for his first play called 'the grass still grows.' His first real success was with a play called 'All my sons' then went on to write a play called 'Death of a Salesman, which was also a big success. Miller later wrote 'The Crucible' in 1953, which was a mixed success. In 1997, He wrote the screenplay of 'the crucible,' which starred Daniel Day Lewis, and Winona Rider. McCarthyism had the power to investigate any person or movement who threatened the safety of America. The activities of this committee were linked in Miller's mind with witchcraft trials, which had taken place two hundred years before. This inspired him to write 'the crucible' The people of Salem believed in witchcraft and the devil and believed that the Bible had told them that witches must be hanged. ...read more.


Abigail tries to persuade Parris that "Betty is not witched." She tells him that so she wouldn't be accused of withcraft id she wasn't 'witched' by now, Abigail would begin to get very nervous, as she doesn't know what Parris is going to say or do next. Her voice would start to get weaker and she would gradually step away from Parris, but won't make it obvious as she doesn't want to show any signs of fear. As Parris tells Abigail to sit down, She would do as he says straight away and would be shaking as she sat down. She does not want to argue with Parris, as she is quite scared of him, and doesn't want to get on the wrong side of him. Abigail says to Parris "I would never hurt Betty. I love her dearly" She would be very nervous with a definite weakness in her voice. I want Abigail to clasp her hands behind her back as if she was praying for Parris to stop shouting at her. Although Abigail seems to be very nervous, She would still be very angry and upset, just at the thought of being accused of hurting Betty. ...read more.


I would want Abigail to put strong emphasis on 'we'll.' Betty starts to wimper and Abigail would turn to her immediately . She would tell her to 'wake up now' when she says this she would be really determined for her to wake yp, she should show this by shaking her furiously. Betty finally woke up, she was extremely frightened and shouted "I want my mama!" Abigail is very alarmed at what betty has just said and explains to her that "your mama's dead and buried." When she says that line, I would want Abigail to be very cautious and confused. She would say it in a firm voice while crying to pull Betty from the window. Betty starts screaming at Abigail and shouting, "You drank blood, Abby! You didn't tell him that" Abigail would be furious with Betty at this point. She would also be very worried incase she told anyone in the village. Throughout this section of the play it is very noticeable to me that Abigail is a very determined and persuasive young woman. She will do anything or sacrifice anyone to save herself or her reputation in the village. She is also very strong minded and has been involved in mischief by leading the girls astray. ...read more.

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