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The crucible by Authur Miller performed at The Mercury theatre in Colchester.

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The crucible On the 17 October 2000, I went to see The crucible by Authur Miller. It was performed at The Mercury theatre in Colchester. When I first heard the title, I was expecting a spooky play. I had already heard a small amount about the play and knew that it involved witchcraft. The Crucible is set in 1692, Salem, Massachusetts. We do not see the event that actually sparks the play, but we learn about it later. Five girls, led by Abigail, were in the woods with a slave woman, Tituba. They were rousing spirits and dancing naked. By chance, Reverend Parris sees them. When the girls realise they have been spotted, two girls take ill. As the town is so religious, the immediate suspicion is witchcraft. The girls realise that admitting witchcraft will not only get them out of serious trouble, but also give them power to. They abuse this power to get revenge on their enemies. Abigail, determined to get revenge on Elizabeth Procter, accuses her of witchcraft. ...read more.


His interpretation of the character was brilliant and very believable. He helped the audience to understand what was happening and used the space on the stage very well. As the audience we could identify with the sorrow and confusion, he showed so well. At the end he becomes the type of character people hate. He becomes a main factor in the jailing and hanging of John Procter. We may think of him as horrible but I think that the actor realised that he was just acting as people of that time did; they panicked. Near to the end, I was very impressed by the actor's varying tone of voice and facial expression, both when talking and when reacting to other people. The second character that I liked was Rebecca Nurse. One of the reasons that I chose to write about her was because she was played in a totally contrasting way to Reverend Parris. All through the play, tension is high and most characters are nearly hysterical, apart from Rebecca Nurse. ...read more.


I selected this part as I think that it sums up the madness and the sorrow in this play. I do not think that this play was aimed at children of my age, or younger. To understand the play you must know a small amount about the play and characters in it. It is heavy watching and can be confusing, unless you pay full attention. I think that the play was well directed and the costumes and scenery were well suited to the play. If I directed my own version of the play, I would try to make it easier to understand. I could do this by making the different characters clearer, the plot a little easier to follow and modifying the text. I think that having someone at the beginning, explaining the history of the witch trials and a bit about the characters we are about to see might be very effective. I enjoyed watching this play but would not see it again. I would only recommend this to pupils studying the play or interested adults. Danielle Singh. Words:1,100 ...read more.

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