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The Crucible essay

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The Crucible essay Arthur Miller was an American writer in the 1940's and 50's. He wrote many plays and a few Hollywood movies, we were actually married to Maralin Monrome. In 1953 Arthur Miller wrote a play called "The Crucible", the book is based on a true story about witchcraft in a town called Salem in 1692. "The Crucible" is inspired by the "McCarthy trials" which happened in the 1950's. During the McCarthy trials many people were dragged in front of John McCarthy and were forced to say names and if they refused they were black listed. So many innocent people had there careers ruined my john McCarthy. ...read more.


The Devil seems to play a rather large part in their society. Anything linked to abnormality is linked to the devil. "It is a marvel. It is surely a stroke of hell upon you," yet again an accusation of Goody Putnam that the Devil is upon Betty. It seems that Goody Putnam is having fun making these accusations, which could ruin Reverend Parris' establishment in Salem. It refers to Goody Putnam being shiny-eyed and very pleased with it while accusing Parris' household. There is some history leading back to her accusing Parris' household. Her brother, James Bailey, was sure to be accepted in to the Ministry of Salem. ...read more.


He continues professing how he left a thrifty business in Barbados to serve the Lord. He feels persecuted in Salem and indeed everywhere he goes. He feels like he has authority and is insulted if someone opens the door without his permission. He is a widower and has no care for children or any parental ability. However, he has a daughter, Betty, aged ten. He is very self-obsessed and only cares about his appearance to the community of Salem and tries to keep the respect he has built up for himself. Overall I think this book "The Crucible" is a strange but interesting book, it must of taken a lot of consideration to write a book like this, I did enjoy the book but I found it difficult to do the written work of it, mainly because it is extremely confusing. ...read more.

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