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The Crucible - How John Proctor changed throughout the storyline from mistreating his wife by cheating on her while she was ill with Abigail, to someone who took the blame so no one else got in trouble.

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The Crucible In this essay I will talk about how John Proctor changed throughout the storyline from mistreating his wife by cheating on her while she was ill with Abigail, to someone who took the blame so no one else got in trouble. The Crucible is based on the true story of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials where people were hanged if they were accused of being a witch. All of them were innocent and wrongly hanged. Arthur Miller has changed some of the play so it would be easier to write about like the girls in crying out has been reduced and Abigail's age has been raised. There were also 7 judges of equal authority which has all been symbolized in Hathorne and Danforth. The story starts out with a group of girls who were caught dancing in the woods by Reverend Parris. He also saw one of them naked in the woods. Next morning Betty falls ill and Parris keeps asking what's wrong with her and what did Abigail do to her. He asks about the devil and Abigail sees this as an opportunity to blame people for being involved with the devil and getting her own back on people. ...read more.


The knowledge of his own guilt makes him feel judged the whole story. Proctors Intense dilemma over whether to expose his own sin to stop Abigail's powers in the village is complicated by Hales decision to visit everyone whose name is even remotely related with the accusations of witchcraft. Hale wants to measure out the people with Christian standards. He wants to root out hidden sins and expose them. John Proctor is the play's tragic hero. He was an honest, upright and blunt-spoken. Proctor seems to be a good man except he has one secret, which is his affair with Abigail. This created Jealousy of Elizabeth and one of the reasons why Abigail accused Elizabeth. This sets the whole hysteria in motion. Once the trials begin, Proctors realizes that he can stop Abigail's rampage though Salem but only is he confesses to his adultery. This would ruin his good name in the village. Proctor is proud man who places great emphasis on his reputation. He eventually makes an attempt though Marry Warrens testimony to name Abigail as a fraud without revealing the crucial information. When this fails, in a confession he call Abigail a whore and saying his guilt publicly. ...read more.


At important moments like at the end of the play the language is monosyllabic like the beat of the drum. Shall the dust praise him? Shall the worms declare his truth? This has an effect the way he uses quick and small sentences, which show the tension building up that the death was coming nearer and there wasn't much time to stop it and there weren't long speeches and people were acting quickly. At the beginning everybody speaks with the same dialect. He uses goody for names which is short for good wife. And people call each other with mister and miss. This all contributes to the feeling of a different society. Distanced not only by time but by the way it communicated. While we was reading it in class, there was some people who thought that John Proctor took the easy way out and was being selfish by committing suicide and leaving his children and wife to them selves and not standing up to the rest of the village by knowing that people wouldn't like him anymore and if he died then he wouldn't have to put up with that. I think though that he changed during the play and did what was right by trying to do his best and make up to his wife about his mistakes. He changes and tries to take the blame instead of everyone else. James Peters ...read more.

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