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The crucible. I believe that the main incentive for Dan forth to prevent proctor from making public his allegations

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Act III. 1. I believe that the main incentive for Dan forth to prevent proctor from making public his allegations about Abigail Williams is the fact that Abigail's testimony would be questioned because in the time that the story is set, adultery is one of the most judgemental sins. The community was focused greatly around trust and respect, and john proctor was highly thought of in the village and Dan forth believed that this would throw the town into even more turmoil than it was already in. and the very basis of the community would be questioned , because if one of the most respected and trusted man in the town could commit such a sin, and the daughter of the reverend could do this also, what could other people be capable of. ...read more.


In act three Dan forth uses the terms 'child' and 'children' these titles are aimed at the group of girls that are condemning all the defendants in the court to death. In my opinion, these terms are ironic because in one instance the word child is used, in a condescending manor to belittle the girls and make them feel intimidated and of lower importance than the judges, yet without these girls the trial would never have come to light and the innocent people who died would not have done so. Also, the use of the word child is ironic because, in general its usage is related to innocence and peace, yet these children are condemning many to death through false accusations, therefore the complete opposite of the association of the word 'child' 4. ...read more.


hale persists with this argument until the end of the page. I believe that Mr. hale, now presented with the notion that the whole trial may be a travesty spawned form the mind of Abigail Williams, he begins to doubt his own judgement on the matter, he believes he must not take a life without unappeasable proof of the crime. * On a separate occasion after the interrogation of Elizabeth proctor, he cries out " I believe him! ( pointing to Abigail ) this girl has always struck me false she has -" this shows that the doubts that he has had about the authenticity of the case have been confirmed and he now feels an overwhelming sense culpability and he must speak out against the trial and all the previous allegations and innocent townsfolk condemned by Abigail's testimony. ?? ?? ?? ?? Daniel McDonnell 'The Crucible' Act Three Questions 1-5 Daniel McDonnell 10S1 5/9/2007 ...read more.

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