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The Crucible is a drama by Arthur Miller wrote in the 1950s. It tells the tail of a village in America, Salem. This is overcome with mass hysteria witchcraft trials.

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The Crucible is a drama by Arthur Miller wrote in the 1950's. It tells the tail of a village in America, Salem. This is overcome with mass hysteria witchcraft trials. In the opening scene of the film, Act 1, the director chooses to go straight to one of the main characters, Abigail. She is the center of the group of girls and the scene moves straight to forest where the girls are dancing. There is spooky music playing in the background. They start to chant and partake in the practice of witchcraft. Abigail whispers to Tituba (the servant of Rev. Paris and we then find out later that she want John Proctor to fall in love with her. Abigail picks up the chicken and uses it to put a spell on John. The background is dark and with witchcraft, chanting and music all builds up tension very well. In the original play you do not see the witch craft practiced at the beginning. ...read more.


All this seemed to make Abbey a stronger character which may seem odd as Abbey started out as an innocent girl having a bit of fun in the forest. Mary Warren enters the Proctor's house suddenly. The sight of here make john Proctor furious. It is very dramatic when he grabs her and shakes her and shouts "I'll whip you if you do not dare leave this house again." But the tension drops as Mary Warren goes limp in his grip and claims to be sick. Proctor's anger is draining and Mary's staye is emphasized when she give the limp rag doll to Elizabeth Proctor. The tension rises very dramatically when proctor finds the needle in the rag doll. In Act 3 the pace picks again, with all the girls who where seen in the forest in court. The girls are quite jumpy but Abbey is not, she look very serious and taking this as no joke. Judge Danforth asks Mary if John Proctor threatened her she replied by saying "No, sir". ...read more.


In act 4 the final act of the play Abbey and Mercy Lewis have run away from Salem as they realize that people where soon going too find out about them lying even thought that Abbey had convinced the Judge and the rest of the court that they were being tormented by the devil. Proctor agrees to confess about been a witch so he could live as f he did not confess he would be hanged for lying. He was going to admit to this but he found that they where going to write it down and he did not want to be remember in history as a liar or a witch. This shows us that John Proctor is a man with dignity. In the end he changes his mind and confesses to the court he was lying by giving a speech "Because it is my name!" saying he a decant man and not the work of the devil. The whole town of Salem is full of guilt as most of the town's people know that John Proctor was an honest man and did not deserve to die like that. ...read more.

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