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The Crucible is a play that was wrote in 1953 by Arthur Miller.

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The Crucible Essay The Crucible is a play that was wrote in 1953 by Arthur Miller. He wrote the Crucible to make a point about the dangers of power being concentrated into too few hands. The Crucible is based on a few girls in their teens that have been accused of witchcraft and have managed to get themselves out of trouble by putting the blame onto other people. The judge Danvers believes them and when the girls say they see the devil with other people they will be taken to court and then burnt alive. The judge Danvers is the villain in this play as he kills all these people by sentencing them to death. Miller was once accused of witchery and he thought this to be very crazy as he didn't even have a right to confess or give evidence. The crucible shows how the judge Danvers is against communism as no one is being treated fairly. This play is very similar to McCarthyism that was around the time when this book was written. Joseph McCarthy was on the committee for the House of un-American activities. It was their job to investigate communists and anything that was seen as un-American was wrong. Intolerance in Salem, as a paradox, sees witchcraft as McCarthy sees communism- a threat to the harmony of the village or state. ...read more.


Abbey gets very angry and starts slapping Betty telling her not to get them all in trouble and to keep her mouth shut. We see a sudden shadowed personality of Abbey making us wonder what her hidden agendas are. Our attention has now been drawn to Abigail Williams or Abbey as she's better known. Parris is curious about her and asks about her reputation in the village and her alleged "dancing in the woods". The audiences' mistrust of the main character creates classic tension in the scenes making them highly suspicious of her. She is also very beautiful and in those days people are not supposed to look at people in an attractive way because of the sexually repressive time but her charms are irresistible! Later in Act one the Reverend Hale of Beverley is sent for and we then get to meet John Proctor. He has been the sanest character in the whole play so far. He meets Abbey behind the stable where they talk to each other and display a clear relationship between themselves. There is a lot of sexual tension in this scene, the passion between them is strong and reveals their true desire for one another, both wanting each other. John says, "we never touched" denying everything because he comes from a Christian society were what happened between them was not puritan therefor very wrong. ...read more.


The witch trials saw 19 people dead that's the BANG. The Crucible play was shown to audiences in the year 1953. Around this period of time the reactions from the audience would be shocking. The audiences will be shocked as witchcraft in this time was still banned. Witchcraft was very important around this time; it had recently been banned across the world due to states and countries spiralling out of control on witchcraft madness. It would also be shocking to see this type of hysteria from girls of such a young age because in those days it would have been kept quiet as people will take matters to an extreme. Audiences will probably have felt this play to be very entertaining because of it's reflection of life at the time and make them well as though witchcraft was true as it shows what happened around the world with the out of control insane witchcraft frenzy. I think Arthur Miller got his point across about the dangers of power being concentrated into too few hands. The audience can see the whole story of a state that's gone crazy and can see the difference between both sides, the truth and the lies and what it results in. If the audience understand that Arthur Miller sees no harm in communism they will learn that the real villain in this play is the Judge Danvers. He becomes the villain as he doesn't give the accused a chance to explain he just believes the girls. The result of this was 19 unnecessary deaths. Jonny Green ...read more.

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