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'The Crucible' is set in Salem Massachusetts the date is 1692.

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'The Crucible' Essay 'The Crucible' is set in Salem Massachusetts the date is 1692. Many religious people from Europe had fled to the America's because they feared religious persecution. When the European puritans landed on American soil they used the tools they had brought with them and cut wood from the forests and started to build their new settlement. The puritan way was simple; it simply meant that you had no temptations such as greed and selfishness, but these ways of simple ness were corrupted neither by men nor women in fact adults had no part in the corruption, it was solely down to a small group of young girls. Thus all it took to corrupt a whole society was this group of girls. In Salem all the residents had strong religious beliefs they were all puritans. ...read more.


The community in Salem was so small many people suffered a great deal of jealousy such as, the lesser wealthy landowners who had a lot of land, such as John Procter who suffered from other peoples jealousy. Also there are more disputes like the one between Mrs Putnam and Rebecca Nurse, the reason for this is that Mrs Putnam's children had all died at birth where as Rebecca Nurses family are all in good health so Mrs Putnam is extremely jealous. Abigail was probably the worst sufferer of jealousy because she loved John Procter, but he is married so this makes Abigail fell incredible hatred for Goody Procter (John Procter's wife) and so wants her dead. In 'The Crucible' the main story line is started off by the littlest spark, a group of girls that included Abigail and Betty Parris were caught dancing naked in the forest. ...read more.


'The Crucible' shows peoples vanity and pride such as Reverend Hale, Hale believes that because he is a scholar his explanations are correct and he is far too willing to jump to witch craft as being the cause of the girls illnesses. Pride is also an issue seeing as Hathorne and Danforth are so proud of their positions as judges it makes them reluctant to admit that the girls could be lying to every one, because the girls had made their story so elaborate it is hard for them to tell the town folk that they were lying. Abigail is so very vain she is willing to believe that John Procter would have her as a wife even though he is married to Elizabeth; John even calls Abigail a "lump of vanity." 'The Crucible' tells me that it only takes a small collective to corrupt and manipulate a whole society. And as soon as people started dying it was as if there was no turning back. ...read more.

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