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The crucible; What are Proctor and Abigail's experiences to the hangings being in their lives, and how does each respond to it?

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The Crucible What are Proctor and Abigail's experiences to the hangings being in their lives, and how does each respond to it The hangings started in Salem as a result of many different consequences in Salem. Firstly the people very inspired to 'Purge out the unholy', because officials made them believe they were the elect of God chosen to fight Satan here. Because of this the people always acted upright, and they were very superstitious. Furthermore some of the townsfolk who were greedy, and tried to get the lands that were not theirs, like Mr Putman always viewed everyone else with great suspicion, and people like him tried to take land any way they could. From all of this the hangings started, because a group of girls were found dancing in the woods, because of the jealousy and all of the superstition, the townsfolk believed that the girls were practicing witchcraft. As a result reverend Hale was summoned to see if there really was any sign of witchcraft. ...read more.


She believes that she can get Proctor to fall in love with her, and so she accuses his wife Elizabeth. She also experiences fear, but not by feeling it herself but seeing it through others, and so she responds my using it to her advantage like I said before. The hangings come to John Proctor a little later on, because firstly Proctor wants nothing to do with the hangings, because he knows that Abigail is 'Playing tricks on everyone', but he doesn't say anything, since he had an affair with her and he doesn't want his name sullied in the community. Proctor only starts to interfere in the hangings when he hears that his wife has been accused by Abigail, furthermore his friends wives have also been accused. At that moment Proctor tries to stop the hangings by getting petitions from people, and he believes that he can stop the hangings. But when the judges don't accept the petition, and he sees that his friend's wives are still to hang he tries to tell the truth and expose Abigail for who she really is. ...read more.


he will be hanged, although he doesn't care so much at the end he is still willing to tell the truth to redeem himself for his affair with Abigail, and also because he 'Wont be able to look into his friends eyes' If he doesn't. However the same cannot be said for Abigail, because she also sees what Proctor sees, but she sees that she can take power and make events go to her advantage. Her response to the hangings is to manipulate weak people like Danforth and Paris who are trying to keep their heads from sinking in the water along with the trial, for this she is prepared to lie, and she is ruthlessly remorseless, for she doesn't care what happens to the innocent as long as she gets what she wants. As you can see both characters see what is happening in the trial, and the hangings, however from then on they are completely different, for one tries to stop the court by telling the truth, whilst the other one seeks to make it press on with the hanging, and get power out of this. ...read more.

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