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The Crucible - Write two diary extracts- one from the point of view of Abigail, one from Proctor's point of view.

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The Crucible Write two diary extracts- one from the point of view of Abigail, one from Proctor's point of view. ABIGAIL Dear diary, The other night the other girls and I went out to the woods with Tituba. We were dancing to Tituba's song. I should not really be telling you this but I drank a blood charm and Mercy was dancing naked also. Parris saw us in the woods. When we saw him, we all ran away. We forgot about the kettle in the grass. He didn't know that I had drunk blood and I made sure that the girls would not say anything more than that we danced. The charm was to kill Proctor's wife, Elizabeth. She's a lying, cold, snivelling woman. Proctor is the love of my life. He could have so much better than her-he could have me! I heard that Betty was lying still and she would not wake up, I was worried at first but when I went to see her I realised it was just an act to get her out of trouble for dancing. ...read more.


Tituba tried to save herself but, of course, they believed ME! The conversation became too complicated so I decided to "confess". I opened myself, I told them I wanted the light of God, to leave the Devil and to go back to Jesus! I cried out, "I saw Sarah Good with the devil! I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil!" Betty woke up and joined in with me. I blamed only the old at first, but I've yet to call out Elizabeth's name! I don't mean to harm the old but there's no way that I'm getting in trouble for it, and if that means them being hanged-so be it! It was perfect, it was hard proof, hard as rock! PROCTOR Dear diary, I came in from planting very late today. I had to finish right to the forest edge, and it was very tiring. I was glad to come home and see Elizabeth had cooked me dinner. It was rabbit. I slipped some salt in the pot while she was with the children- so it was very tasty and well seasoned! Elizabeth seemed upset, she thought I'd been to Salem because I was so late back. ...read more.


I tried to reassure her but it was no use because she wouldn't listen. Hale appeared from no-where, it startled me. He mentioned church; asked why I am so often absent. I tried to explain myself but I knew it was no use as he continued to question me. I could not believe it when Cheever came with a warrant for Elizabeth, good and pure as she is. She stands accused by Abigail. Abigail made sure that the poppet was placed in my house then acted a part testifying it was Elizabeth who pushed the needle in. No one can see that the accuser may not be holy. Those crazy children are deciding our fates! When I heard the clank of the chain I cried. I could not breathe. No one sees the truth. Even Hale is a coward! What do I do now? I must confess the truth in court and show that Abigail is a liar, but I cannot ruin my good name in the village. If I do have the courage to Abigail will charge me with lechery but I cannot let Elizabeth die for me- she is too full of goodness. I will go to court tomorrow and I hope I will be strong enough to see justice is done! ...read more.

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