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The Culling The mayor stared at the severed head of a pretty young female; whose body still sat upright

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'Dear God...' the mayor screamed, as he crawled out from under his desk and pulled open the draw to reveal a steel dagger point, '...forgive me,' he cried as he charged at the beast's stomach. The only spectator, a smartly dressed Indian who sat like a statue in the shadows at the back of the hall. The hideous beast knocked the weapon from his attacker's hand and leapt onto the mayor's back. Though well built, the mayor's struggles were no match for the beast, and he soon crashed to the floor under the immense weight. 'I had a wife and child,' He begged for mercy as the snarling beast rammed his face into the blood-smeared floor, snapping his jaw in two. 'So did my father, sir.' The Indian reminded the dying man, still there at the back of the hall but with a voice that boomed. 'But...' the mayor begged for help from the Indian one last time, though his plea was unheard mainly because of the fact the mayor had a mouthful of blood and broken teeth. ...read more.


He held the amulet in front of him, staring up into the eyes of the beast, which then turned to walk toward the Indian, towering head and shoulders above the Indian, unable to avoid the Indians hypnotic stare. The Indian had finished his spell. The town hall was silent once again but suddenly, a blinding flash of the most immense light came from the charm the indian had in his hand. The light blinded the beast with its beauty. The beast raised its arms in front of its face in defence, and then slowly the beast dropped onto its knees and began to walk on all fours back toward the wooden carving from which it had sprung to life. The Indian sighed and knew he had to work fast to collect the souls of his victims, which hovered in the attic above him. Until the last soul had been captured the Indians quest for vengeance would not be over. He left the mayors soul till last for the Mayor had been his main target. ...read more.


An amused look came upon the mayors face, 'I wouldn't want to wake him with insults, so we'll start the bidding at five hundred dollars. Do I see five hundred and ten?' the mayor asked, he scanned the faces of the townsfolk, their eyes still fixed on the carving. The Mayor noticed that a crack had appeared on the carving it ran straight down the middle. Suddenly a beam shot out of the crack, splitting the carving straight in two. Women began to scream people ran for the exits, but the doors were locked. Meanwhile, at the back of the hall an Indian man in a suit finished his pipe, then quietly moved in to the shadows behind him. His whispered chants going unnoticed as he began to rub at an object inside his jacket pocket. The first victim of the beast was the girl nearest, a beautiful young girl. She was in shock unable to move as the beast swung its razor sharp claws and severed the girl's head in one deadly accurate blow. The Indian was amused when watching the townsfolk and their feeble efforts to escape their inevitable doom... By Tom Lee 9MC2 ...read more.

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