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The Dare

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Charlie Ayling The Dare My head begins to ache as I lie back thinking about how I got here, the lumps in this uncomfortable bed dig into my back. I wonder how I can possibly manage to think with these various machines that bleep continuously and kindly faces that keep coming to check my temperature and whatever else they need. They keep asking "Are you alright, duck?" I mean seriously, do I look like I'm alright? I'm covered in cuts and bruises and from what I've heard the doctors telling my anxious parents they are not going to be able to reattach my severed leg to the chaos of tangled nerves and muscle in the bloody stump just above my left knee. I begin to rock slowly back and forwards in silent reaction to the ache radiating from my stump and the memory of that night comes slowly back to me. ***** It was a fairly inconsequential day in the middle of the long, lingering summer holidays when the accident happened; we were all really bored and could not think of anything remotely interesting to ...read more.


My stomach turned as the rest of the group discussed the details of my dare and a little voice in my head repeated Georgia's warning from earlier "You're going to get yourselves killed". I know what your thinking, voices in my head I must be clinically insane, but it must have been my conscience or something like that. Whatever it was I should have taken more notice. My friends told me after about five minutes of deciding, what my dare would entail; I was to jump off the bridge when it got dark and in the small likelihood of a vehicle passing under it I was to try and avoid being hit. To them it all seemed so simple; someone would stand underneath to tell me when the road was clear and then I would jump, but the nagging voice in my brain wouldn't cease. Yet I didn't want to voice my concerns and appear a coward, so I just nodded and arranged to meet them there later. ...read more.


I stared dazed for a moment at the torrent of blood gushing from my leg and the distorted mess ten feet away that used to be the other part of it. I went into shock and passed out. Hours later I awoke in the hospital with my worried family beside me and the doctors filled me in on what had happened; as I had jumped from the bridge a car had been heading towards me from underneath it. Just before I hit the road I bounced off the bonnet of the car and which couldn't stop in time and ran over me causing my leg to get caught up in the wheel of the car and dragged along the road, which caused the bone to snap and break away from my body leaving me lying bleeding on the road behind it. When the ambulances arrived there had been no sign of my 'friends'. ***** So that's where I am now, sitting in my hospital bed and contemplating what would have happened if I had just listened to myself and not let my pride take over. But that's what happens when you take on stupid dares. ...read more.

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