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'The Dare' Ince Bridge, the scene of many a dare. Two, famous, green, iron girders secured deep into the two surrounding hills, what a sight!

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Michael Barnes English Story 2-12-02 'The Dare' Ince Bridge, the scene of many a dare. Two, famous, green, iron girders secured deep into the two surrounding hills, what a sight! Up until now, I'd only ever passed it in the car, yet here I am, standing, fairly calmly, looking down cautiously, over the edge, at the two huge yet suprisingly thin beams below. From the road, they seemed extremely wide, and a lot lower for the matter. But now, ignoring the surrounding noise, I fixed my view on what appeared to me as two, wide open, green eyes. The beams emerged from each corner of the bridge and disappeared into the opposite hill, crossing in the centre. The left-hand beam was known as the 'Beam of Fear!' If you reached the end of it, you were able to climb up the chalky, white rocks and reach the grassy top of the hill. "Justin.... Justin!" "Wh-what?!" I exclaimed, "Oh it's you." "Well.....?" Marcus asked. Marcus is a friend of mine, or at least sometimes he is. He's one of the those people who can be a great friend most of the time but always manages to mess it up over some stupid remark or something. "It's not like you're going to die or anything," he said again. "Die-, who said anything about dying?!" ...read more.


There was a huge sigh and people began to shout nasty comments. I could see Lydia across the crowd. She glanced back at me and tilted her head towards her shoulder, her face was blushing slightly. I didn't know what to think. Was she telling me to go ahead or was she worried and was trying to tell me not to? I stared at the ever increasing crowd, becoming more and more confused. It was as though I could hear two different voices, one telling me to have a go and one telling me to stay away and refuse the dare, when really it was just a big riot of noise. Theo and Marcus were standing directly in the centre on the front row, cheering me on. They had started a chant and now spectators were following, "Justin, Justin, Justin...!" was all I could hear. Now I felt tense and insecure, not that I didn't before, but now it was obvious. I was rubbing my hands together so hard and fast that they had begun to sweat, and my legs suddenly felt weak. I glanced at the beams, then at the crowd, and then at the beams again. I looked across to Lydia, I was getting no feedback so I just turned sharply and vaulted myself up onto the bridge's edge. I could now see the ledge below, it was green and rusty and it didn't seem as though it could take ...read more.


Bending my arms, I lowered my chest towards the beam, very slowly, and lay down on the beam with my arms wrapped tightly round the barrel-shaped structure, like a snake around somebody's neck. I had now lost all confidence in myself to complete the dare. I did contemplate pulling myself along, sliding my chest along the beam, but I decided to stay there, lying, in hope that someone would notice my lack of movement and do something to help. I was too nervous and scared to shout in case it caused any sudden movements and caused me to loose my balance. Above, on the bridge, there was a sudden roar of terrified screams. I heard everyone shouting, "Run!" and "Do one, quick the farmers coming!" By then I realised what was going on. It was the farmer from down the road. A grumpy, middle aged man with nothing better to do than spoil kids' fun. That's what I used to think of him, but now, I hoped he'd come to help me. I turned my head to face the bridge and saw him leaning against the edge, tapping his walking stick against the ledge. He tilted his head, gave me a sarcastic look and said, "Seems you're a bit stuck lad! That'll teach yer." He walked of whistling, merry and jolly, and I lay there cold, scared and still and I thought, why'd I have to go and be so stupid? ...read more.

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